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78th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

16.05. - 20.05.2007, Munich

Inner Ear

Meeting Abstract (07hno030)

The Endolymphatic Hydrops and its Influence On Low-frequency Modulation Of Distortion Products Of Otoacoustic Emissions – a Study in Guinea Pigs

Anft D, Hirt R, Scholz G, Hensel J
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Meeting Abstract (07hno031)

Effect of erythropoietin on cultured spiral ganglion cells

Berkingali N, Paasche G, Lenarz T, Stöver T
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Meeting Abstract (07hno032)

Experimental study of superior semicircular canal dehiscence in temporal bone

Bethge C, Lasurashvili N, Bornitz M, Zahnert T
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Meeting Abstract (07hno033)

Vitamin C influences NO-production in the inner ear in noise-exposed guinea pigs

Fischer I, Heinrich UR, Helling K, Brieger J, Selivanova O, Mann W
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Meeting Abstract (07hno034)

Alteration on NO-production in the cochlea of the guinea pig after intratympanic Gentamicin application

Helling K, Heinrich UR, Sifferath M, Brieger J, Selivanova O
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Meeting Abstract (07hno035)

Chronic stress as trigger of tinnitus and acute hearing loss?

Koehler C, Venohr B, Lehmann J, Hosemann W, Herzog M
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Meeting Abstract (07hno036)

High resolution ultrastructure and regeneration of links after BAPTA treatment in maturing rat auditory hair cells

Koitschev A, Stefan F, Matthias L
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Meeting Abstract (07hno037)

Expression of apoptosis-related genes in the cochlea of the newborn rat

Mazurek B, Haupt H, Gross J
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Meeting Abstract (07hno038)

The deluded vestibular apparatus: The illusion of the gravitational field in the solar system and its consequences

Pichler HJM
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