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78th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

16.05. - 20.05.2007, Munich

Middle Ear

Meeting Abstract (07hno050)

Scanning acoustic microscopy of human auditory ossicles affected by otitis media

Burkert S, Liebhold S, Brandt J, Haberland EJ, Neumann K
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Meeting Abstract (07hno051)

Clinical experiences with the Digital Volume Tomography of the Lateral Skull Base

Dalchow C, Birke H, Kindermann H, Weber A, Behrbohm H
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Meeting Abstract (07hno052)

Vascular tumors of the middle ear – seldom cause of otitis in young children

Drüg-Skamel S, Begall K, Esser D
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Meeting Abstract (07hno053)

Development of a new Clip-prosthesis for stapes surgery

Eiber A, Schimanski G
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Meeting Abstract (07hno054)

The bony „attic clip“ for reconstruction and reinforcement of the lateral attic wall in cholesteatoma surgery

Gehrking E
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Meeting Abstract (07hno055)

Experiences with the navigation system in relation to ear operations. Sense or nonsense?

Guenzel T, Heinze N, Pester U
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Meeting Abstract (07hno056)

Instrumented hardness test on human ossicles in microscopical range

Haberland EJ, Theunert R, Burkert S, Neumann K, Bieroegel C, Grellmann W
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Meeting Abstract (07hno057)

Therapy and follow-up in a gunshot victim with facial nerve injury

Kostka E, Wittekindt C, Koscielny S, Guntinas-Lichius O
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Meeting Abstract (07hno058)

Results and patients satisfaction after implantation of the fully implantable hearing system Otologics MET in patients with congenital auricular atresia

Mattheis S, Siegert R
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Meeting Abstract (07hno059)

Experimental use of Rotational Tomography in reconstructed middle ears for quality control

Offergeld C, Kromeier J, Lazurashvili N, Beleites T, Zaoui K, Zahnert T, laszig R
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Meeting Abstract (07hno060)

Middle ear squamous-cell carcinoma long after canal wall down mastoidectomy – a case report

Pethe W, Erbstösser E, Begall K
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Meeting Abstract (07hno061)

Measuring the long incudal process: Precondition for developing a new Clip Piston for stapes surgery

Schimanski G, Eiber A
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Meeting Abstract (07hno062)

Laser shaping of the distal eustachian tube – a prospective clinical study with long-term courses

Sedlmaier B, Promorzev A, Göktas Ö, Halleck P, Scherer H, Hasich A
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