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77th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

24.05. - 28.05.2006, Mannheim


Meeting Abstract (06hno089)

Surgical Therapy of Functional Nasal Valve Stenoses by means of the Breathe® Implant according to įWengen

Amm S, Bloching M
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Meeting Abstract (06hno090)

Long-term results of fronto-orbital mucoceles: extra- vs. endonasal approach

Arapakis I, Schuss U, Schneider K, Rasp G
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Meeting Abstract (06hno091)

Prospective evaluation of quality of life in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with the Sino-Nasal Outcome Test 20 German Adapted Version (SNOT-20 GAV)

Baumann I, Blumenstock G, Praetorius M, Sittel C, Plinkert PK
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Meeting Abstract (06hno092)

Patients“ satisfaction after nasal septal and turbinate surgery - Results of a questionnaire

Neumann A, Lehmann N, Stange T, Unkel C, Pearson MD, Gostian T, Schultz-Coulon HJ
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Meeting Abstract (06hno093)

Surface Laser Registration in ENT-Surgery: Accuracy in the Paranasal Sinuses – A Cadaveric Study

Stelter K, Ledderose G, Andratschke M, Leunig A, Hagedorn H
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