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76th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

04.05. - 08.05.2005, Erfurt


Meeting Abstract (05hno500)

Evidence of a novel Gene for Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome

Birkenhäger R, Zimmer AJ, Aschendorff A, Klenzner T, Schipper J
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Meeting Abstract (05hno499)

Identification of two families with hereditary hearing loss

Dahm JD, Pfister M, Zenner HP
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Meeting Abstract (05hno502)

Intralabyrinthine schwannomas causing hearing loss

Fabricius A, Knipping S, Kösling S, Bloching M
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Meeting Abstract (05hno491)

Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials VEMP) as a prognostic criteria in the recovery process after acute unilateral vestibular loss

Hamann C, von Specht H, Freigang B
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Meeting Abstract (05hno084)

Development of a new method for quantitative analysis of otolith function tests

Handke C, Walther LE, Antweiler C, Westhofen M
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Meeting Abstract (05hno083)

Testing utricular function by means of on-axis rotation

Helling K, Schönfeld U, Scherer H, Clarke AH
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Meeting Abstract (05hno014)

Vertigo attacks – current therapies

Helling K, Scherer H
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Meeting Abstract (05hno082)

Does the standardized order of caloric stimulation influence the response intensities?

Kazak I, Helling K, Scherer H
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Meeting Abstract (05hno492)

Process and prognosis of Neuronitis vestibularis in the patient population of the ENT-Hospital Halberstadt between January 2002 and August 2004

Langer J, Begall K, Hey M
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Meeting Abstract (05hno489)

Influence of monaural caloric vestibular testing on the vertical X-Sign-Test according to Fukuda and Stoll

Massmann A, Schröder T, Stoll W, Schmäl F
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Meeting Abstract (05hno497)

Effects of air-coupled ultrasound on subjective patient sensation

Offergeld C, Zillinger N, Zahnert T, Hüttenbrink KB, Hofmann G
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Meeting Abstract (05hno508)

The Aqueductus vestibuli-syndrome as a cause of the Deafness during partuition

Rasinski C, Anft D, Bartel-Friedrich S, Koesling S, Bloching M
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Meeting Abstract (05hno495)

Our preliminary findings with fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy on acoustic neuroma

Rudolf J, Pambor C, Freigang B, Gademann G, von Specht H
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Meeting Abstract (05hno087)

Vestibular findings in patients with vestibular neuronitis

Sanders M, Walther LE, Düwel P, Westhofen M
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Meeting Abstract (05hno503)

Intralabyrinthine Schwannoma – a diagnostic dilemma?

Sartorius C, Plechata B, Kempkes B, Kempf HG
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Meeting Abstract (05hno487)

Effect of angular acceleration on the localization performance of a remembered target

Schmäl F, Glitz B, Stoll W
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Meeting Abstract (05hno488)

Tonic torsional deviation eliceted by caloric stimulation - an indicator for otolith function?

Waltmann K, Clarke AH
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