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12th Graz Conference – Quality of Teaching

18.09. - 20.09.2008 in Graz, Österreich


Dear Colleagues,

It is a special pleasure for me, for Jörg Stein, and for our hosts and co-organisers from the Medical University of Graz to welcome you to the 12th Graz Conference on medical education. Graz was the venue of the first conference that Jörg Stein and I organized in 1995 and we met here almost yearly until 2004. In 2005 we started moving the conference between the various Austrian Medical Universities, so this year is also a homecoming.
Initially we met to explore the potential for the reform of medical education in Austria. Then we started to concentrate on the details of curriculum reform. Now that we have indeed been successful in implementing a new medical curriculum in all Austrian Medical Universities we realise how much work is still needed.

The conference will give us an opportunity to learn from our colleagues and to discuss new ideas. Enjoy yourselves!

Richard März

Scientific Program