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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Poster Sessions
Evidence generation and synthesis

Meeting Abstract (P001)

Pooled-studies publications: an analysis of the relevant characteristics of these articles for systematic reviewers

Thaler K, Morgan L, VanNoord M, Jonas D, McDonagh M, Peterson K, Glechner A, Gartlehner G
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Meeting Abstract (P002)

Acupuncture for cancer patients suffering from hiccups: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Choi TY, Lee MS, Ernst E
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Meeting Abstract (P003)

Systematically reviewing existing guidelines of adolescents misusing alcohol and drugs: lack of evidence or lack of quality?

Bekkering GE, Aertgeerts B, Asueta-Lorente J, Autrique M, Goossens M, Smets K, Van Bussel J, Vanderplasschen W, Van Royen P, Hannes K
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Meeting Abstract (P004)

Interdisciplinary evidence-based guideline for diagnosis, therapy and follow-up of adult Hodgkin lymphoma patients

Skoetz N, Rancea M, Engert A
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Meeting Abstract (P005)

What kind of changes did the publication of two large-scale RCTs lead to in prostate cancer screening guidelines ?

Hamashima C
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Meeting Abstract (P006)

Health technology assessment for integrated care pathways and transition of care services

Pwee KH, Bettger JAP, Sheppard LM, Chalkidou K
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Meeting Abstract (P007)

Clinical Practice Guidelines to identity technologies for disinvestment

Ibargoyen-Roteta N, Etxeandia-Ikobaltzeta I
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Meeting Abstract (P008)

Investigating Symptoms of Lung Cancer – An evidence-based guide for general practitioners

Mazza D, Chakraborty S, Jones K, Sinclair S, King L, Zorbas H
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Meeting Abstract (P009)

An adapted approach to Identify Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for Prehospital Management of Time-Sensitive Critical Conditions

Hoogmartens O, Castren M, Borovsky H, Sabbe M, Aertgeerts B, Ramaekers D
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Meeting Abstract (P010)

Improving practice: Rx for Change – an intervention research database for healthcare decision-makers and researchers

Grimshaw JM, Hill S, Mayhew A, Cowie G, Ryan R, Lowe D, Worswick J, Wayne SC, Sullivan K, Fiander M
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Meeting Abstract (P011)

Overviews – time saving or problem generating

Pieper D, Buechter R, Antoine SL, Mosch C, Jaschinski T, Eikermann M
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Meeting Abstract (P012)

National Guidelines for Evidence Based Lifestyle Interventions in Clinical Practice

Branting Elgstrand M, Jakobsson A, Weilandt L
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Meeting Abstract (P013)

Developing a checklist for considering 'colloquial evidence' in guideline development: a case study from NICE

Sharma T, Kaur B, Choudhury M, Garner S, Naidoo B
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Meeting Abstract (P014)

Measuring the pace of change in practice-guiding medical knowledge

Alper B, Ehrlich A
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Meeting Abstract (P015)

A Virtual Collaborative Workspace to Support Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)

Chan W, Robbins C, Tom G
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Meeting Abstract (P016)

Evidence of Effectiveness, Harms and Recommendations for Opioids for Chronic Pain

Harris J, Hegmann K
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Meeting Abstract (P017)

Evidence to support screening recommendations – demands and reality

Mosch C, Jaschinski T, Jacobs E, Eikermann M
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Meeting Abstract (P018)

Is GRADE being adopted for the assessment of cost-effectiveness evidence?

Hayre J, Kandaswamy P, Dzingina M
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Meeting Abstract (P019)

Characteristics of guidelines that affect uptake in clinical practice: Results of a realist review on guideline implementability

Kastner M, Hayden L, Makarski J, Durocher L, Chatterjee A, Perrier L, Estey E, Brouwers M, Bhattacharyya O
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Meeting Abstract (P020)

Making sense of complex data from a Realist Review: An interactive workshop

Kastner M, Makarski J, Hayden L, Durocher L, Chatterjee A, Brouwers M, Bhattacharyya O
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Meeting Abstract (P021)

Synopses aided by graphics – the example of German National Disease-Management Guidelines and their sources

Thole H
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Meeting Abstract (P022)

Effect of Tai Chi Exercise on Balance in Older Adults: Meta Analysis

Ahn S, Song R, Park M
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Meeting Abstract (P023)

A wave of guidelines for the management of Alzheimer´s disease: a systematic approach to appraise and summarize recommendations

Villanueva G, Gutierrez-Ibarluzea I, López de Argumedo M
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Meeting Abstract (P024)

A systematic review of clinical practice guidelines: the bigger picture

Villanueva G, Gutierrez-Ibarluzea I, López de Argumedo M
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