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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Oral Presentations
Collaboration and diversity I

Meeting Abstract (O29)

Sailing the seas in search for patients: international cooperation in the development of a search filter to find articles that address patient issues

Hielkema L, Brown J, Wessels M
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Meeting Abstract (O30)

The Primary Health Care (PHC) Experience with CPGs in Saudi Arabia (SA)

Al-Ansary L, Wahabi H, Adi Y, Bawazeer G, Zeidan R, Al-Ghamdi E, Al-Safi Y, Marshall C
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Meeting Abstract (O31)

The influence of different features of clinical guidelines on the adaptation process in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kim M, Issahanova T, Imambaev N
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Meeting Abstract (O32)

Acting globally, implementing locally – the GIN and International Federation for Emergency Medicine partnership

Huckson S
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