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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Oral Presentations
Guideline development: synthesizing evidence and risk of bias

Meeting Abstract (O17)

Network meta-analyses in national clinical guidelines: a description and quality assessment

Stegenga H, Rogers G, Kandaswamy P, Jones D
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Meeting Abstract (O18)

Making sense of complex data: Development of a mapping process to analyse results of a realist review on guideline implementability

Kastner M, Makarski J, Hayden L, Durocher L, Chatterjee A, Brouwers M, Bhattacharyya O
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Meeting Abstract (O19)

Association between risk of bias and treatment effects in randomized controlled trials in emergency and critical care medicine

Unverzagt S, Prondzinsky R, Peinemann F
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Meeting Abstract (O20)

The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation Reliability Study (the GRADERS)

Mustafa R, Santesso N, Brozek J, Akl E, Schünemann H
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