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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Oral Presentations
Tackling Diagnostic Test Questions

Meeting Abstract (O53)

Using diagnostic meta-analysis to inform decision making for risk scoring systems

Dworzynski K, Pollit V, Reason T, Kelsey A, Higgins B
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Meeting Abstract (O54)

Chestpain in primary care: a systematic research programme to support guideline development

Donner-Banzhoff N, Haasenritter J, Boesner S
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Meeting Abstract (O55)

Effectiveness of quality-of-life diagnosis and therapy according to follow-up recommended by S3 guideline for breast cancer: Results of an RCT on patients with breast cancer

Klinkhammer-Schalke M, Lindberg P, Steinger B, Koller M, Wyatt J, Hofstädter F, Lorenz W
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Meeting Abstract (O56)

Developments on tackling diagnostic test accuracy recommendations by the GRADE Working Group

Schünemann H, Brozek J, Mustafa R, GRADE Working Group
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