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15th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR)

15.04. - 17.04.2019, Berlin

Effects and Perspectives of Psychosomatic Rehabilitation

Meeting Abstract (012)

Capacity limitations (Mini-ICF-APP-S) and complex post-traumatic stress disorder

Brenner L, Bachem R, Köllner V
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Meeting Abstract (013)

Differential effects of humiliation and injustice in patients in psychosomatic rehabilitation

Linden M, Noack N, Kessemer F, Kobelt A, Bassler M
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Meeting Abstract (014)

Outcome of psychosomatic rehabilitation in Germany – Overview of 30 years of rehabilitation/health services research

Nübling R, Schulz H, Schmidt J, Bassler M
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Meeting Abstract (015)

Relation between occupation-related coping strategies and need for cognition in rehabilitation

Melicherova U, Steiger A, Strobel A, Hoyer J, Strobel A, Köllner V
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Meeting Abstract (016)

Resilience and return to work in psychosomatic rehabilitation: Results of a prospective observation study with a 12-month follow-up

Stock Gissendanner S, Schmid-Ott G, Schulz W
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