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15th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR)

15.04. - 17.04.2019, Berlin

Assessment in the Field of Rehabilitation

Meeting Abstract (001)

Perceived fairness of claimants undergoing a work disability assessment

Lohss R, Bachmann M, Walter-Meyer B, de Boer W, Kunz R, Fischer K
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Meeting Abstract (002)

Practices and measurement tools for evaluating children and young people’s participation

Heiskanen T, Karhula M
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Meeting Abstract (003)

Promoting self-determination in the vocational decision-making process – development and validation of a picture-based scale for assessing vocational interests

Weißmann R, Bartosch U, Thomas J
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Meeting Abstract (004)

Self-rating of capacity limitations in mental disorders: The Mini-ICF-APP-S

Linden M, Keller L, Noack N, Muschalla B
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Meeting Abstract (005)

The Mini-ICF-APP family of assessment instruments for impairment in activities and participation in the context of psychological disorders

Linden M, Muschalla B, Baron S
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Meeting Abstract (006)

Work disability caused by dizziness: which ICF components may be contributing factors?

Lohss R, Vogt R, Bucher J, Welge-Lüssen A, Kunz R
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