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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2023)

24. - 27.10.2023, Berlin

IN37 Hip & Pelvis International

Meeting Abstract (IN37-3428)

Load stable posterior column acetabulum fracture fixation: A biomechanical comparability study

Zderic I, Berk T, Schwarzenberg P, Pastor T, Pfeifer R, Halvachizadeh S, Richards RG, Gueorguiev B, Pape HC
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Meeting Abstract (IN37-2936)

How to screen for lumbar spine stiffness in patients awaiting total hip arthroplasty

Innmann M, Verhaegen J, Renkawitz T, Merle C, Grammatopoulos G
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Meeting Abstract (IN37-2311)

Joint damage detected by preoperative MR arthrography under leg traction improves prediction of failure at 2–5 years following arthroscopic FAI surgery

Hanke M, Nanavati A, Wagner M, Brunner A, Vavron P, Lerch T, Steppacher S, Tannast M, Schmaranzer E, Schmaranzer F
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Meeting Abstract (IN37-2918)

What is the safe distance between hip and knee implants to reduce the risk of ipsilateral metachronous periprosthetic joint infection?

Akkaya M, Vles G, Sangaletti R, Zanna L, Gehrke T, Citak M
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Meeting Abstract (IN37-2857)

Unexpected positive cultures in patients with a history of septic revision in the same joint

Ribau A, Ekhtiari S, Budin M, Zanna L, Fatih Dasci M, Gehrke T, Citak M
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