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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2023)

24. - 27.10.2023, Berlin

IN35 Hip & Knee Arthroplasty International

Meeting Abstract (IN35-2542)

More frequent medial deviation of the prosthetic trochlear groove in kinematically than mechanically aligned TKA

Nedopil A, Howell S, Hull M, Rudert M
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Meeting Abstract (IN35-3042)

Prevalence of anemia and association with outcome in joint arthroplasty – is there a difference between primary and revision cases?

Schmidt-Bräkling T, Sabri E, Kim P, Gofton W, Beaulé PE, Grammatopoulos G
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Meeting Abstract (IN35-2302)

Ten years follow-up and clinical outcome of a short hip stem prosthesis: A retrospective systematic analysis

Weenders S
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Meeting Abstract (IN35-2538)

How much are we willing to do for the ones we love – assessing the impact on care-takers of patients suffering from prosthetic joint infections – a qualitative study

Dally FJ, Prüßner F, Gravius S, Betsch M
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Meeting Abstract (IN35-2986)

Ceramic-on-ceramic bearing system in total hip arthroplasty

Kuz O, Nessler J, Halder A, Lohmann CH, Kesteris U, Hersberger M, Jäger M
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Meeting Abstract (IN35-3458)

Severity of varus deformity does not effect the reliability of reference axes in the distal femur – a 3D morphological analysis

Schröder L, Holzapfel B, Rudert M, Steinert A
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