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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2022)

25. - 28.10.2022, Berlin

AB19 Grundlagenforschung: Frakturheilung und Knochenstoffwechsel | Basic Research: Fracture Healing and Bone Metabolism

Meeting Abstract (AB19-1033)

The anti-diabetic drug Pramlintide protects from excessive bone resorption in ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis through the calcitonin receptor

Jiang S, Kokot JL, Knapstein PR, Donat A, Xie W, Baranowsky A, Keller J
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-1030)

The chemokine Cxcl9 is a crucial regulator of early bone remodeling and bone regeneration

Jiang S, Kokot JL, Donat A, Knapstein PR, Xie W, Baranowsky A, Keller J
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-155)

Human osteogenic differentiated BMSC derived EVs rescue osteogenic ability of hBMSCs inhibited by hypoxia

Wang C, Stöckl S, Li S, Lukas C, Schulz D, Baue RJ, Grässel S
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-699)

Wnt1-overexpression accelerates non-osteoporotic and osteoporotic fracture healing

Haffner-Luntzer M, Ragipoglu D, Ahmad M, Steppe L, Schoppa A, Yorgan TA, Schinke T, Ignatius A
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-514)

Dexamethasone-stimulated osteoblast-derived EVs markedly enhance osteogenesis in vitro

Zhang X, Greven J, Hildebrand F, Zhao Q, Zhou N
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-776)

Sildenafil stimulates angiogenesis and bone formation in a non-union model in mice

Bauer D, Menger MM, Laschke MW, Scheuer C, Bleimehl M, Herath SC, Braun BJ, Rollmann MF, Menger MD, Histing T
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-278)

Smoking negatively affects hematoma formation as the first step of fracture healing

Rinderknecht H, Nüssler A, Histing T, Ehnert S
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-671)

The role of senescent cells in fracture healing – implications for senolytics?

Saul D, Khosla S
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Meeting Abstract (AB19-383)

The sex specific impact of Syndecan-1 deficiency on bone structure

Roters N, Timmen M, Arras C, Bixel MG, Stange R
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