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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2021)

26. - 29.10.2021, Berlin

AB17 Grundlagenforschung: Arthrose

Meeting Abstract (AB17-636)

Heparan-sulfate deficiency in cartilage: enhanced proteoglycan production and an anti-apoptotic expression signature after loading

Gerstner M, Severmann AC, Vortkamp A, Richter W
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Meeting Abstract (AB17-941)

Architecture of cartilage-bone marrow microchannel connectors (CMMC) is correlated to physiological biomechanical loading of the joint

Taheri S, Yoshida T, Böker KO, Jochim L, Flux AL, Großkopf B, Lehmann W, Schilling A
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Meeting Abstract (AB17-617)

Endogenous adenosine exhibits anti-inflammatory effects in mixed synoviocytes of arthritic patients

Sohn R, Junker M, Meurer A, Zaucke F, Straub RH, Jenei-Lanzl Z
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Meeting Abstract (AB17-1008)

Bone Sparing and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of the Calcitonin Receptor in Collagen Antibody-Induced Arthritis

Maleitzke T, Hildebrandt A, Dietrich T, Weber J, Duda GN, Perka C, Tsitsilonis S, Keller J
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Meeting Abstract (AB17-1248)

Cleavage of cartilage extracellular matrix proteins by osteoarthritis-relevant matrix metalloproteases

Wagner N, Imhof T, Koch M, Jenei-Lanzl Z, Meurer A, Zaucke F
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