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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2019)

22. - 25.10.2019, Berlin

IN18 Abstracts Trauma International

Meeting Abstract (IN18-741)

Health status and recovery patterns during one year after trauma in severely injured patients

Havermans R, de Munter L, de Jongh M, Lansink K
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-437)

Geriatric Fracture Center vs Usual Care – what are the benefits? Results of a large prospective multicenter cohort study

Blauth M, Joeris A, Rometsch E, Espinoza K, Gosch M
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-254)

Cephalomedullary fixation reduces risk for subsequent peri-implant fractures in femoral shaft fractures in patients 55 years or older

Bögl HP, Zdolsek G, Höijer J, Michaëlsson K, Schilcher J
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-1227)

Clinical results of the NUsurface® interpositional endoprosthesis versus non-surgical controls: First 100 patients of a pooled randomized control trial and single-arm observational study

Gersoff W, McKeon B, Alfred R, Alley M, Edelson R, Greenleaf J, Kaeding C, Zaslav K
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-163)

Autologous Matrix Induced Chondrogenesis (AMIC) Aided Reconstruction of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus – Five Year Follow-up

Wiewiorski M, Barg A, Valderrabano V
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-189)

The impact of preoperative bilateral CT of syndesmosis’ injuries on the patients’ Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) in Weber B and C fractures

Bizzoca D, Vicenti G, Carrozzo M, Moretti B
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-1309)

Biomechanical evaluation of three different plating techniques for fixation of displaced midshaft clavicle factures

Zderic I, Yanev P, Pukalski Y, Enchev D, Rashkov M, Richards RG, Gueorguiev B, Baltov A
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-549)

Treatment of skelettaly immature patients with motorized intramedullary lengthening nails

Frommer A, Toporowski G, Gosheger G, Bröking N, Laufer A, Rachbauer A, Rödl R, Vogt B
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Meeting Abstract (IN18-508)

Treatment of missed Monteggia fractures in children with unilateral external fixation. Report on 20 Patients. Pitfalls and complications

Di Gennaro G, Gallone G, Trisolino G, Stilli S
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