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27th German Cancer Congress Berlin 2006

German Cancer Society (Frankfurt/M.)

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Head and Neck Cancer

Meeting Abstract (OP239)

Induction chemotherapy with paclitaxel and cisplatin, followed by accelerated-hyperfractionated radiotherapy in patients with advanced laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer – the DeLOS (Deutsche Larynxorganerhaltung-Studiengruppe)-trial

Dietz A, Rudat V, Hoppe F, Pfreundner L, Flentje M
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Meeting Abstract (OP240)

Recurrence and Survival in Resected Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: 10-Year Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial

Steuer-Vogt MK, Fauser C, Bonkowsky V, Ambrosch P, Scholz M, Strutz J
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Meeting Abstract (OP241)

Quality of life in laryngeal cancer patients: Comparison of total (TL) versus partial laryngectomy (PL) adjusted to tumour stage

Bindewald J, Herrmann E, Wulke C, Dietz A, Schwarz R, Singer S
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Meeting Abstract (OP242)

Multicentricinvestigation of psychological comorbidity in laryngectomees

Singer S, Dietz A, Meyer A, Wulke C, Oeken J, Klemm E, Kienast U, Kluge A, Heim M, Schwarz R
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Meeting Abstract (OP243)

TPF chemotherapy regimen in advanced head and neck cancer

Baghi M, Hambek M, Wagenblast J, Gstoettner W, Knecht R
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Meeting Abstract (PO244)

Expierences in diagnostic and therapy of the Hemangiopericytoma as a rare tumor of the skull base

Koscielny S
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Meeting Abstract (PO245)

Treatment of Locally Invasive Thyroid Cancer

Roka R, Hermann M, Pramhas M
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Meeting Abstract (PO246)

Ear, nose and throat cancers: impairments of the patients, modules of rehabilitation, social medicine outcome, and impact on national economics

Rogge H, Passow H
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Meeting Abstract (PO247)

Results of primary IMRT Radio- and Radio-Chemotherapy in inoperable head and neck cancer patients

Buchali A, Blank E, Franzen A, Keune G, Schmidt M, Huhnt W, Sidow D
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Meeting Abstract (PO248)

Late toxicities in head and neck cancer patients. Influence of cytoprotection ?

Büntzel J, Glatzel M, Fröhlich D, Gäbert J, Micke O, Mücke R, Kisters K, Schönekaes K, Bruns F
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Meeting Abstract (PO249)

Are telomerase levels and immunohistochemical hTERT assessment prognostic markers of tumours or tumour margin tissues from head-neck squamous cell carcinomas

Fabricius EM, Gurr U, Khoury R, Wildner GP, Raguse JD
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Meeting Abstract (PO250)

18FDG-PET as a Marker for Prognosis in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Menzel C, Döbert N, Kovacs A, Zaplatnikov K, Welsch M, Grünwald F
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Meeting Abstract (PO251)

Interstitial brachytherapy in the treatment of relapse of previously irradiated head and neck tumors

Warszawski A, Baumann R, Eckardt A, Stieve M, Karstens JH
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Meeting Abstract (PO252)

Comparison of Two Radiochemotherapy (RCT) Schedules for Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Head and Neck Cancer

Tribius S, Schneider T, Sheikh-Sarraf M, Schild SE, Alberti W, Rades D
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Meeting Abstract (PO253)

Ultraradical resection of thyroid carcinoma: surgical heroism or multilation?

Dürsch M, Reingruber B, Hohenberger W
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Meeting Abstract (PO254)

Improvement of postlaryngectomy esophageal speech rehabilitation after pharyngeal constrictor myotomy

Boghardt J, Kahmann B, Pfaffenroth V, Gutenbrunner C
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Meeting Abstract (PO255)

Simultaneous radiochemotherapy (RCT) and accelerated comcomitant boost radiotherapy (CBT) in advanced head and neck (H&N) cancer: Long term results and late sequelae

Schüller P, Schäfer U, Micke O, Willich N
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