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27. Deutscher Krebskongress

Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e. V.

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Head and Neck Cancer

Meeting Abstract (OP239)

Induction chemotherapy with paclitaxel and cisplatin, followed by accelerated-hyperfractionated radiotherapy in patients with advanced laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer – the DeLOS (Deutsche Larynxorganerhaltung-Studiengruppe)-trial

Dietz A, Rudat V, Hoppe F, Pfreundner L, Flentje M
Meeting Abstract (OP240)

Recurrence and Survival in Resected Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: 10-Year Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial

Steuer-Vogt MK, Fauser C, Bonkowsky V, Ambrosch P, Scholz M, Strutz J
Meeting Abstract (OP241)

Quality of life in laryngeal cancer patients: Comparison of total (TL) versus partial laryngectomy (PL) adjusted to tumour stage

Bindewald J, Herrmann E, Wulke C, Dietz A, Schwarz R, Singer S
Meeting Abstract (OP242)

Multicentricinvestigation of psychological comorbidity in laryngectomees

Singer S, Dietz A, Meyer A, Wulke C, Oeken J, Klemm E, Kienast U, Kluge A, Heim M, Schwarz R
Meeting Abstract (OP243)

TPF chemotherapy regimen in advanced head and neck cancer

Baghi M, Hambek M, Wagenblast J, Gstoettner W, Knecht R
Meeting Abstract (PO244)

Expierences in diagnostic and therapy of the Hemangiopericytoma as a rare tumor of the skull base

Koscielny S
Meeting Abstract (PO245)

Treatment of Locally Invasive Thyroid Cancer

Roka R, Hermann M, Pramhas M
Meeting Abstract (PO246)

Ear, nose and throat cancers: impairments of the patients, modules of rehabilitation, social medicine outcome, and impact on national economics

Rogge H, Passow H
Meeting Abstract (PO247)

Results of primary IMRT Radio- and Radio-Chemotherapy in inoperable head and neck cancer patients

Buchali A, Blank E, Franzen A, Keune G, Schmidt M, Huhnt W, Sidow D
Meeting Abstract (PO248)

Late toxicities in head and neck cancer patients. Influence of cytoprotection ?

Büntzel J, Glatzel M, Fröhlich D, Gäbert J, Micke O, Mücke R, Kisters K, Schönekaes K, Bruns F
Meeting Abstract (PO249)

Are telomerase levels and immunohistochemical hTERT assessment prognostic markers of tumours or tumour margin tissues from head-neck squamous cell carcinomas

Fabricius EM, Gurr U, Khoury R, Wildner GP, Raguse JD
Meeting Abstract (PO250)

18FDG-PET as a Marker for Prognosis in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Menzel C, Döbert N, Kovacs A, Zaplatnikov K, Welsch M, Grünwald F
Meeting Abstract (PO251)

Interstitial brachytherapy in the treatment of relapse of previously irradiated head and neck tumors

Warszawski A, Baumann R, Eckardt A, Stieve M, Karstens JH
Meeting Abstract (PO252)

Comparison of Two Radiochemotherapy (RCT) Schedules for Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Head and Neck Cancer

Tribius S, Schneider T, Sheikh-Sarraf M, Schild SE, Alberti W, Rades D
Meeting Abstract (PO253)

Ultraradical resection of thyroid carcinoma: surgical heroism or multilation?

Dürsch M, Reingruber B, Hohenberger W
Meeting Abstract (PO254)

Improvement of postlaryngectomy esophageal speech rehabilitation after pharyngeal constrictor myotomy

Boghardt J, Kahmann B, Pfaffenroth V, Gutenbrunner C
Meeting Abstract (PO255)

Simultaneous radiochemotherapy (RCT) and accelerated comcomitant boost radiotherapy (CBT) in advanced head and neck (H&N) cancer: Long term results and late sequelae

Schüller P, Schäfer U, Micke O, Willich N