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71. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
9. Joint Meeting mit der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

21.06. - 24.06.2020

ePoster Dienstag, 23.06.2020
Spinale und zerebrale Metastasen II/Spinal and cerebral metastases II

Meeting Abstract (P184)

Outcome following treatment of patients with de novo and secondary anaplastic meningiomas

Juratli T, Hennig S, Pinzer T, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (P185)

Colloid cyst of the third ventricle – a rare case of spontaneous regression

Weidemeier ME, Schroeder HWS, Baldauf J
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Meeting Abstract (P186)

Performance of an advanced deep learning model in fully automated detection and segmentation of brain metastases in patients with malignant melanoma

Goertz L, Borggrefe J, Shahzad R, Krischek B, Goldbrunner R, Pennig L
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Meeting Abstract (P187)

Extracranial to intracranial (EC-IC) and intracranial to intracranial (IC-IC) revascularisation procedures on patients with malignant brain tumour – a series of 3 patients

Tortora A, Steiger HJ, Cornelius JF, Hänggi D, Sabel M, Petridis A
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Meeting Abstract (P188)

An in vitro technology to score therapeutic efficacy and risk-potential of substances for targeting brain tumours

Koch K, Hartmann R, Tsiampali N, Uhlmann C, He X, Kamp MA, Sabel M, Barker R, Willbold D, Steiger HJ, Maciaczyk J, Kahlert UD
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Meeting Abstract (P189)

Incidence and linguistic quality of speech errors – a comparison of TMS to intraoperative direct cortex stimulation reveals low reliability

Faust K, Vajkoczy P, Münch M, Bährend I, Picht T, Moshourab R, Schneider H
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Meeting Abstract (P190)

Early postoperative MRI to assess the extent of resection in brain metastasis – a single-centre experience

Kiesel B, Furtner J, Prihoda R, Mischkulnig M, Borkovec M, Rötzer T, Berghoff A, Preusser M, Rössler K, Widhalm G
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Meeting Abstract (P191)

Brain metastases from thyroid carcinoma – surgical treatment and outcome

Esmaeilzadeh M, Müller JA, Polemikos MP, Hermann EJ, Bengel F, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P192)

Is there a role for early postoperative MRI after resection of brain metastases?

Mokhtari N, Berger B, Simon M, Grote A
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Meeting Abstract (P193)

Tumour-related paraplegia – analysis of an individual and interdisciplinary initial treatment

Liebscher T, Kreutzträger M, Lübstorf T, Auhuber T, Wüstner G, Ekkernkamp A, Kopp M
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