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70. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Skandinavischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

12.05. - 15.05.2019, Würzburg

Vorträge Montag, 13.05.2019

Meeting Abstract (V040)

Single-stage minimally invasive anterior debridement and fusion and dorsal percutaneous fixation in pyogenic spondylodiscitis of the elderly

Waschke A, Schwarz F, Klausnitzer M, Kalff R
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Meeting Abstract (V041)

Analysis of bacterial adherence of clinical relevant staphylococcus species on carbon/PEEK composite vs. standard titanium – possible implications in spinal instrumentation for spondylodiscitis

Shiban E, Obermeier AP, Jörger AK, Lipovcic N, Hauger H, Burgkart R, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (V042)

Therapy of complicated spinal wounds with negative pressure wound therapy in consideration of microbiological results – an analysis of 367 procedures

Kellner J, Schatlo B, Fiss I, Rohde V, Scheithauer S, von der Brelie C
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Meeting Abstract (V043)

Management and outcome of postoperative surgical site infection in patients with posterior (thoraco-)lumbar instrumentation – analysis of 125 surgeries

Hickmann AK, Pirvu T, Loibl M, Mannion AF, O’Riordan D, Fekete T, Jeszenszky D, Eberhard N, Achermann Y, Haschtmann D
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Meeting Abstract (V044)

Pyogenic spondylodiscitis – predictors of hospital stay

Abboud T, Melich P, Krolikowska Flouri M, Alaid A, Rohde V, Schatlo B
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Meeting Abstract (V045)

Instrumentation for pyogenic spinal infection – a single-centre experience with 368 cases

Shiban E, Jörger AK, Schnebl D, Lange N, Wagner A, Jansen I, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (V046)

The effect of bedrest after incidental durotomy in lumbar surgery

Kögl N, Petr O, Schenk L, Preuß Hernández C, Thomé C
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Meeting Abstract (V047)

Predicting spinal CSF leaks in intracranial hypotension – a scoring system based on brain MRI findings

Dobrocky T, Breiding P, Grunder L, Mosimann P, Mordasini P, Fung C, Raabe A, Ulrich C, Gralla J, Beck J, Piechowiak EI
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Meeting Abstract (V048)

Cryptogenic cerebrospinal fluid leaks in spontaneous intracranial hypotension – role of dynamic CT myelography

Piechowiak EI, Dobrocky T
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