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68th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
7th Joint Meeting with the British Neurosurgical Society (SBNS)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

14 - 17 May 2017, Magdeburg

Vorträge Mittwoch, 17.05.2017
MI.22 Tumor 14 – gemischt B

Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.01)

Reclassification of oligoastrocytoma by applying molecular markers and the 2016 classification of CNS tumors displays a better correlation with clinical outcome

Geßler F, Baumgarten P, Harter P, Bähr O, Konczall J, Seifert V, Senft C
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.02)

Assessment of psychosocial burden in brain tumor patients: application of the "Basic Documentation for Psycho-Oncology Short Form" (Po-BADO-SF) and the "Patient Health Questionnaire for Depression and Anxity" (PHQ-4) –a longitudinal prospective observational study with regard to clinical application

Tsakmaklis H, Soebianto S, Nadji-Ohl M, Ganslandt O, Ringel F, Hickmann AK, Renovanz M
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.03)

Assessment of psychosocial support and unmet needs in glioma patients using the patients' perspective questionnaire – Results of 232 patients as part of the prospective multicenter "ERASMUS II" study

Lahr H, Singer S, Weimann E, Ringel F, Wirtz CR, Renovanz M, Coburger J
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.04)

The proxy's view: The Family Situation, Psychosocial Burden and Needs for Support in 95 Caregivers of Patients with Gliomas assessed in an outpatient Setting

Maurer D, Weimann E, Richter C, Wirtz CR, Ringel F, Coburger J, Renovanz M
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.05)

Would you do it again? Therapy of malignant glioma patients from the caregiver's perspective

Backhaus C, Sabel MC, Steiger HJ, Kamp MA, Rapp M
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.06)

Intraoperative MRI in brain tumor surgery: results of resection and histological assessment of glioblastoma surgery and safety of intraoperative MRI in dual use

Wach J, Goetz C, Dornbusch J, Gottschalk J, Hesselmann V, Mager AK, Kremer P
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.07)

Where lies the threshold level of MGMT promotor hypermethylation in malignant gliomas

Onken JS, Randi K, Fabienne P, Victor P, Peter V, Frank H, Josefine R
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.08)

Glioblastoma as a second cancer – a retrospective analysis of 2164 patients

Mader M, Zacharia B, Distefano N, Chohan M, Ogilvie S, Brennan C, Gutin P, Tabar V
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Meeting Abstract (Mi.22.09)

The role of resection on survival times in recurrent high grade glioma

Skardelly M, Behling F, Noel S, Schittenhelm J, Bender B, Tabatabai G, Tatagiba M
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