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68th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
7th Joint Meeting with the British Neurosurgical Society (SBNS)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

14 - 17 May 2017, Magdeburg

Vorträge Dienstag, 16.05.2017
DI.13 Tumor 7 – Ependymom/Schwannom

Meeting Abstract (DI.13.01)

Quality of life in patients with unilateral vestibular schwannoma

Arlt F
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Meeting Abstract (DI.13.02)

Gross total resection without adjuvant radiotherapy leads to long-term progression free survival in adult posterior fossa ependymoma patients

Marx S, El Refaee E, Langner S, Schroeder HWS
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Meeting Abstract (DI.13.03)

Intraventricular ependymal tumors. Surgical management in adults

Schwarz R, Burkhardt T, Humke N, Matschke J, Westphal M, Schmidt NO
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Meeting Abstract (DI.13.04)

Long term results of acoustic neurinoma treated with LINAC and Cyberknife based stereotactic radiosurgery: a follow up of 335 patients

Ruess D, Pöhlmann L, Grau S, Treuer H, Kocher M, Ruge MI
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Meeting Abstract (DI.13.05)

Long term follow-up of clinical outcome and quality of life in patients with vestibular schwannoma treated with gamma knife: A single center study of 392 patients

Blume C, Clusmann H, Burkhardt M, Sakreida K, Huffmann B
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Meeting Abstract (DI.13.06)

Genes and molecular pathways involved in radioresistance of sporadic and NF2-associated vestibular schwannomas: a microarray and pathway analysis

Gugel I, Ebner F, Paulsen F, Czemmel S, Nahnsen S, Tatagiba M, Tabatabai G
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