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68th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
7th Joint Meeting with the British Neurosurgical Society (SBNS)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

14 - 17 May 2017, Magdeburg

Vorträge Montag, 15.05.2017
Mo.28 Joint Meeting Session 6 –Tumors (Various)

Meeting Abstract (MO.28.01)

Neurosurgical management of clinically silent but GH-producing pituitary adenomas

Giordano M, Samii A, Metwali H, Fahlbusch R
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.02)

Ectopic pituitary adenoma presenting as a clival tumor – a case report

Ridwan S, Bohrer A, Grote A, Simon M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.03)

Pituitary adenoma – clinical importance of residuum

Alavi SA, Robins JMW, Tyagi A, Nix P, Phillips N
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.04)

Surgical Treatment and outcome of TSH-producing pituitary adenoma

Burkhardt T, Rotermund R, Sauer N, Matschke J, Schmidt NO, Flitsch J
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.05)

Impact of ischemic preconditioning on surgical treatment of brain tumors: a single-center randomized, double-blind, controlled trail

Barz M, Sales AH, Bette S, Meyer B, Ringel F, Ryang YM, Brettschneider M, Gempt J
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.06)

Differentiation therapy in glioma – screening for modulators of differentiation commitment

Bulstrode H, Pollard S
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.07)

Resection of pineal cysts – to do or not to do

El Damaty A, Fleck S, Schroeder HWS
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Meeting Abstract (MO.28.08)

Systematic analysis of anti-estrogen effects in pituitary adenoma cells

Steffani M, Voellger B, Wang J, Bartsch JW, Nimsky C
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