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64th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

26 - 29 May 2013, Düsseldorf

P14 Free topics: Oncology 2

Meeting Abstract (P 139)

Cell culture studies of 5-ALA uptake and metabolism in gliomas

Nemes A, Senner V, Stummer W, Ewelt C
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Meeting Abstract (P 140)

Development and evaluation of an electrochemical nitric oxide sensing on-chip cell culture system for measurement of pericellular NO in glioma cell cultures

Osterberg N, Aravindalochanan K, Kieninger J, Urban GA, Weyerbrock A
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Meeting Abstract (P 141)

CD133 expression in human gliomas of different grades before and after chemotherapy and in the recurrent situation quantified by real-time RT-PCR

Perrech M, Röhn G, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
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Meeting Abstract (P 142)

Evaluation of TaqMan® protein assays in meningiomas

Pfister C, Noell S, Roser F
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Meeting Abstract (P 143)

RNAi of bcl-2 in glioma cells is compatible with life and augments the efficiency of temozolomide treatment

Temme A, Enders F, Wiedemuth R, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (P 144)

MicroRNAs located on 10q23-qter as tumor suppressor candidates in astrocytic gliomas

Werner T, Wolter M, Reifenberger G
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Meeting Abstract (P 145)

Inhibition of mitotic Aurora B led to disturbed chromosomal segregation and mitotic catastrophe in glioma cells irrespective of 53 status

Wiedemuth R, Schackert G, Temme A
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Meeting Abstract (P 146)

Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) secretion in human meningiomas in vitro

Wu Y, Utpadel D, Lange M, Kuhlen D, Stalla GK, Renner U
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Meeting Abstract (P 147)

Comprehensive high-resolution genomic profiling and cytogenetics of two pediatric and one adult medulloblastoma

Xu LX, Holland H, Ahnert P, Bauer M, Meixensberger J, Krupp W
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Meeting Abstract (P 148)

Remission of a cerebral anaplastic astrocytoma after treatment with Rituximab: Case report

Zella MAS, Sorg R, Steiger HJ, Schmutz G, Sabel M
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Meeting Abstract (P 149)

MicroRNA-134 shows reduced expression in medulloblastoma and regulates the expression of NMYC

Zipper P, Karra D, Bolat Ö, Reifenberger G
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