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64th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

26 - 29 May 2013, Düsseldorf

P4 Free topics: Functional neurosurgery

Meeting Abstract (P 043)

10 kHz high frequency stimulation in FBSS patients who failed conventional spinal cord stimulation

Bara GA, Schu S, Vesper J
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Meeting Abstract (P 044)

Subarachnoid air might influence intraoperative TcMEP recordings

Bockermann V, Joeres F, Rohde V
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Meeting Abstract (P 045)

DTI-based probabilistic thalomo-cortical connectivity of the thalamus for deep brain stimulation surgery

Grimm F, Walcker M, Naros G, Krüger R, Heckl S, Gharabaghi A
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Meeting Abstract (P 046)

Deep brain stimulation: Custom-made silicone-coated pulse generator implantation after allergic reaction to generator compounds

Herbst A, Lange M, Brawanski A, Schlaier J
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Meeting Abstract (P 047)

Clinical and patients' experiences with rechargeable devices for spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain

Hochreiter A, Brawanski A, Schlaier J
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Meeting Abstract (P 048)

Lateral habenular complex deep brain stimulation for refractory major depression – Presentation of two cases with off-stimulation relapses

Jakobs M, Sartorius A, Unterberg A, Kiening K
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Meeting Abstract (P 049)

Evaluation of thalamo-cortical networks using electrical stimulation and electrophysiological recordings during deep brain stimulation

Naros G, Grimm F, Breit S, Krüger R, Gharabaghi A
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Meeting Abstract (P 050)

Sensitivity and specificity of FLAIR-3T-MRI dependent visualization of the nucleus subthalamicus for deep brain stimulation

Polanski W, Engellandt K, Klingelhoefer L, Storch A, Schackert G, Sobottka SB
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Meeting Abstract (P 051)

Taste disturbances in bilateral thalamic (Vim) deep brain stimulation for essential tremor – an underestimated yet common side effect caused by differences in individual fiber anatomy

Sajonz BEA, Mädler B, Herberhold S, Paus S, Allert N, Coenen VA
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Meeting Abstract (P 052)

Occipital nerve stimulation in a patient with combined chronic and basilar type migraine, a case report

Schoof J, Voges J, Büntjen L
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Meeting Abstract (P 053)

Percutaneous implanted paddle lead for SCS – Technique and 3-year follow-up

Schu S, Bara G, Vesper J
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Meeting Abstract (P 054)

Comparison of the outcome between epidural blood patching (EBP) and epidural air and saline Injection (EASI) treatment for chronic post-traumatic headache

Takagi K, Kato K, Kato Y
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Meeting Abstract (P 055)

Subcutaneous Peripheral Nerve(-field) Stimulation (sPNS) in neuropathic pain – a case series

Yavuz M, Unterberg A, Ahmadi R
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