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64th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

26 - 29 May 2013, Düsseldorf

MO.20 Free topics: Spine 1

Meeting Abstract (MO.20.01)

Risk of transverse section syndrome by intraspinal neurofibromas

Hummel M, Ernestus RI, Matthies C
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.02)

Hyalospine® is safe and shows less fibrosis in patients who underwent laminotomy. A multicenter, prospective randomized, double-blind controlled clinical trial

Kandziora F, Pingel A, Stavridis S, Pavlov P
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.03)

Correlation of Parkinson's disease and stenosis of the spinal canal

Klingler B, Falk D, Mehdorn HM
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.04)

Hybrid stabilization with rigid levels and “Topping-Off” for multi-level degenerative lumbar instabilities – Preliminary results of a series of 173 consecutive patients

Pape H, Ringel F, Obermüller T, Wostrack M, Kuhlen D, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.05)

Radiofrequency-Kyphoplasty: Indication, technique and results in a consecutive series of 97 patients

Reissberg S, Luedeke L, Makki M, Wonke C, Balschat S, Fritsch MJ
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.06)

Objective evaluation of fine motor dysfunction in patients with cervical myelopathy using a digitizing graphic tablet

Rückriegel S, Sutter L, Raslan F, Ernestus RI, Westermaier T
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.07)

Accuracy of Freehand compared to 3D-fluoroscopy-image guided pedicle screw fixation of the thoracolumbar spine

Ryang YM, Obermüller T, Friedrich B, Wolf P, Gempt J, Ringel F, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.08)

Clinical and radiological outcome following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with Stand-alone PEEK Cages with or without Osteogenic Filling Substance: a retrospective matched-pair analysis

Shiban E, Schwarm F, Wostrack M, Krieg SM, Meyer B, Lehmberg J
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Meeting Abstract (MO.20.09)

Gene activated fat grafts for the repair of spinal cord injury: a pilot study

Sitoci-Ficici KH, Betz VM, Uckermann O, Leipnitz E, Iltzsche A, Thirion C, Salomon M, Zwipp H, Schackert G, Betz OB, Kirsch M
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