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63rd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Japanese Neurosurgical Society (JNS)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

13 - 16 June 2012, Leipzig

Lectures Friday, 15 June 2012
FR.03 Cervical spinal stenosis: Stenosis / Myelopathy

Meeting Abstract (FR.03.02)

Does surgical therapy in case of cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) improve the mid-term results particularly concerning quality of life?

Bostelmann R, Siebel V, Steiger HJ, Cornelius JF
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Meeting Abstract (FR.03.03)

Treatment of Cervical Myelopathy, Conservative versus surgical treatment of mild to moderate spondylotic cervical myelopathy: A protocol for a prospective, randomized, controlled, multicenter trial

Shiban E, Villard J, Ringel F, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (FR.03.04)

Clinical and radiological outcome of 67 patients with cervical myelopathy following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with stand-alone PEEK cages without osteogenic filling substance

Shiban E, Pape H, Meyer B, Lehmberg J
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Meeting Abstract (FR.03.05)

Results of decompression for cervical myelopathy in patients with and without previous spinal cord diseases

Klekamp J
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Meeting Abstract (FR.03.06)

Decompressive laminectomy and dorsal pedicle screw fixation for multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy: A clinical evaluation

Kogias E, Scholz C, Sircar R, Scheiwe C, Klingler JH, Hubbe U
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Meeting Abstract (FR.03.07)

Laminoplasty as a safe and effective surgical procedure to treat cervical spinal canal stenosis

Momber M, Rohde V, Martinez R
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Meeting Abstract (FR.03.08)

Endoscopic posterior decompression for cervical myelopathy

Nishimura Y, Kubo K, Nakao N, Luebbers T
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