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60th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Benelux countries and Bulgaria

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

24 - 27 May 2009, Münster

Vorträge Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009
DI.09 Gliomas I

Meeting Abstract (DI.09-01)

MGMT methylation status remains unchanged in recurrent malignant gliomas after radio-/chemotherapy

Thon N, Eigenbrod S, Tonn JC, Kreth FW
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-02)

Association of the GNB3 825T-allele with better survival in patients with glioblastoma multiforme

El Hindy N, Adamzik M, Asgari S, Sure U, Siffert W, Sandalcioglu I
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-03)

Adult brainstem gliomas: a retrospective analysis of 110 cases within the German Glioma Network

Reithmeier T, Kuzeawu A, Berger H, Trippel M, Nikkhah G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-04)

Intraoperatively used tissue glues and dural sealants increase glioblastoma cell aggressiveness – considerations in surgical neurooncology

Kuhn S, Gischel I, Kalff R
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-05)

Comparison of FET PET and FDG PET in brain tumors

Sabel MC, Stoffels G, Pauleit D, Floeth F, Bachofner A, Langen KJ
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-06)

Benefit of intraoperative MRI in surgery of malignant brain tumors

Schwartz F, Nabavi A, Dawirs S, Dörner L, Göbel S, Schubert S, Hedderich J, Mehdorn H
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-07)

Safety and efficacy of frameless stereotactic biopsy. A single-centre review of 535 cases

Lesage G, Depauw P, Rutten GJ, Verhagen I, Verheul J, Leenstra S, Beute G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-08)

Intraoperative tumour imaging using neurolasermicroscopy in human brain

Schlosser HG, Vajkoczy P, Suess O, van Landeghem F, Zeitz M, Bojarski C
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Meeting Abstract (DI.09-09)

Comparison of FET-PET and 5-ALA fluorescence in gliomas

Ewelt C, Floeth F, Langen KJ, Felsberg J, Stummer W, Steiger HJ, Sabel M
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