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6th International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science (DGHWi)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e. V.

28.07. - 29.07.2022, Winterthur, Schweiz


Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP01)

Identifying women’s expectations during childbirth: translation, cultural adaptation, modification and initial validation of the Childbirth Expectation Questionnaire for pregnant women with obesity

Blank F, Aubry E, Cignacco E
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP02)

Leadership behavior of the lead midwife – a quantitative survey of midwives working in hospitals in Germany

Blissenbach I, Schuler M, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP03)

The simulation-based practical final examination (birth) in connection with the amendment of the midwifery act – fair or unrealistic?

Buschmann H, Bauer NH, Peters T
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP04)

Academic education for midwifery science in an European consortium with coordinated assessment-tools

Hinz M, Seifert F, Langton K, Preissner I
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP05)

Relationship between self-efficacy, fear of childbirth and birth mode as well as the individual breastfeeding history and the duration of breastfeeding of one’s own child – results of a longitudinal study

Kluge-Bischoff A, Kistler T
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP06)

Contribution of midwives at schools to health promotion

Lautz K, Beckmann L
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP07)

Interprofessional preterm infant simulation training in midwifery education – basics for developing a concept

Löwen M, Schlüter-Cruse M
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP08)

Midwives’ orientation patterns while attending clinical birth – reconstruction of four central dimensions

Luegmair K, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP09)

Augmented Reality based training for student midwives (Heb@AR) – what kind of support do teachers need?

Vogel K, Bernloehr A, Lewa C, Blattgerste J, Joswig M, Schäfer T, Pfeiffer T, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP10)

The contribution of birth preparation to the mental health of foreign-language immigrant women. A survey instrument for interpreted courses

Mühlheim R, Soom Ammann E, Origlia Ikhilor P
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP11)

How can a questionnaire for user-based quality measurement be implemented in midwifery?

Peters M, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP12)

The standing of vaginal examination during intrapartum care provided by clinical midwives – in special consideration of the implementation of the guideline „Vaginal birth at term“ – a qualitative study

Scherzer L, Laitko K
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP13)

Care of vulnerable women by freelance midwives. Challenges from the perspective of midwives

Schumann M, Schlüter-Cruse M
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP14)

The significance of midwifery and touch in pregnancy

Stocker F
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP15)

Transition to parenting and mental health in the puerperium: meanings for women at risk of post-natal depression

Tavares M
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP16)

Measuring job satisfaction of hospital midwives: a scoping review

Wangler S, Streffing J, Simon A, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiP17)

The German version of the short Childbirth Self-Efficacy Inventory (CBSEI-C32): challenges and opportunities

Zinsser LA, Schmidt G, Stoll K, Gross MM
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