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6th International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science (DGHWi)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e. V.

28.07. - 29.07.2022, Winterthur, Schweiz


Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV01)

The randomized controlled, multicentre trial “Be-Up: Birth Active”: effect of a complex intervention

Ayerle GM, Schäfers R, Mattern E, Striebich S, Oganowski T, Ocker R, Seliger G
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV02)

Abortion in Switzerland: psychosocial factors, cantonal indicators and potential preventive measures

Grand-Guillaume-Perrenoud JA, Steffen T
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV03)

Symptoms of onset of labour and their association with early labour care needs – a scoping review

Grylka-Baeschlin S, Müller A
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV04)

The GestDiNa_basic study – partial examination of knowledge, attitudes and routines of non-clinical midwives for gestational diabetes aftercare

Müller-Bößmann D, Lange U, Greiner GG
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV05)

Practical project: development of an evidence-based and woman-centered app for pregnancy

Peters M, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV06)

Well-being of accompanying persons during a physiological birth within the clinical trial “Be-Up”

Schmitt N, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV07)

“Experiencing pregnancy resource oriented” – the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) as an approach toward stress reduction during the antenatal periods

Schneider T, Weber J, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV08)

Equal happiness for all? Uncertainty intolerance as a risk factor for maternal emotional adjustment in the peripartal period

Stanzel K, Forster A
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV09)

Acquisition of midwifery skills in birth centres: promoting equity through choice of birthplace

Stone NI, Tegethoff D, Thomson G
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV10)

Construction and validation of a questionnaire on the job satisfaction of midwives

Streffing J, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV11)

Translating and comprehending refugee women’s perspectives on perinatal healthcare in qualitative research

Wegelin M, Abdin N
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV12)

Conditions intervening the fathers’ sense of security in the context of childbirth – partial results of a grounded theory study

Werner-Bierwisch T, Metzing S, Hellmers C
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Meeting Abstract (22dghwiV13)

Birth justice – intersectional perspectives in the provision of maternity care throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood

Winkler C, Babac E
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