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5th International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science (DGHWi)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e. V.

13. - 14.02.2020, Bochum


Meeting Abstract (20dghwiW01)

Milestone doctoral dissertation – How is it achieved?

Ayerle GM, Michel-Schuldt M, Bauer NH, Groß MM, Hellmers C
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiW02)

Evaluating the effectiveness of an E-Learning Tool designed to improve the accuracy of visual estimation of maternal blood loss during waterbirth

Burns E
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiW03)

The practical implementation of the clinical trial „Be-Up“ from a students’ perspective who actively support its management

Oganowski T, Mattern E, Striebich S, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiW04)

Introduction in performing Systematic Reviews using the GRADE approach

Peterwerth N
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiW05)

Learning opportunities for midwifery students in alternative labourrooms of the clinical trial „Be-Up“

Striebich S, Oganowski T, Ocker R, Ayerle GM
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