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4th International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science (DGHWi)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e. V.

16.02.2018, Mainz


Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP01)

Participation and informed decision-making: what do women expect from midwives in Germany? – Answers by focus group conversations

Ayerle GM, Mattern E, Lohmann S
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP02)

Early interventions – midwifery research

Bacchetta B, Streffing J, Tegethoff D, Grieshop M
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP03)

Individual health services (IGeL) in pregnancy – experiences of women with low financial resources

Berthold A, Zwicker-Pelzer R
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP04)

Methodical approach to developing an instrument for registering mothers’ health

Bode A, Dorin L, Metzing S, Hellmers C
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP05)

Paternal depression in early parenthood

Buschmann H, Lange U
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP06)

A systemic approach to the conception and evaluation of prenatal classes

Cattarius BG, Schlarb AA
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP07)

Exploring with student midwives the content and experience of attending an educational training workshop on bereavement care

Doherty J, Coughlan B, Casey B, Lloyd B, Sheehy L, McMahon A, Brosnan M, Barry T, Cullen S
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP08)

“Caesarean delivery on maternal request” between the poles of autonomy and heteronomy

Gacki Y, Lange U
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP09)

Inventory of the professional situation of midwives in a Swiss Canton

Grylka-Bäschlin S, Pehlke-Milde J, Borner B
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP10)

Survey on the availability of midwives in the city of Mainz and the district of Mainz-Bingen – an analysis of job demand of midwives and the analyses of specific variables

Heusermann G, Beringhoff A, Greening M, Michel-Schuldt M
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP11)

Influences of as baby friendly certificated hospitals measures on mother-child-relationship and psychiatric well-being of the mother

Hilje CC, Längler A, Bauer N
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP12)

Knowledge and attitude of hospital-employed midwives towards the concept midwife-led unit

Jacobi M
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP13)

Maternal and obstetrical health care for refugee women in Germany

Kasper A
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP15)

Josef Ressel Centre for the Investigation of Early Life Metabolic Programming regarding Dispositions of Obesity

van der Kleyn M, Zinser EJ
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP16)

Attitudes towards bachelor-level education among Bavarian midwives – results of a descriptive, cross-sectional survey in Bavaria

Komlew A
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP17)

Perspectives and experiences on networking in the field of early childhood promotion: online survey among independent midwives in Switzerland

Krahl A, Pehlke-Milde J, Erdin R, Grylka-Bäschlin S, Radu I
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP18)

Interprofessional collaboration of midwives – a field of research in occupational science

Kraienhemke M
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP19)

Factors associated with midwives’ capacities to provide emotionally responsive care during labour and birth

Leinweber J, Creedy D, Rowe H, Gamble J
With Erratum (Apr 25, 2018)
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP20)

Maternity care as a scope of action during the first year of work

Luksch K, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP21)

Content validity in the translation and cultural adaptation of the English-language Wijma Delivery Expectancy Questionnaire (W-DEQ) on fear of childbirth

Mattern E, Striebich S
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP22)

BaSti – From the idea to the start: impact of baby-friendly measures on breastfeeding and mother-child attachment

Neugebauer F, Längler A, Bauer N
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP24)

Mothers of very advanced maternal age – a descriptive secondary data analysis

Niessen K, Neisenmeier I, Metzing S, zu Sayn-Wittgenstein F
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP25)

Quantitative study on the supply of midwifery care – HebAB.NRW: the mothers‘ perspective

Peters M, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP26)

Models of midwifery care – quality of midwifery care – aims of midwifery care: a literature analysis

Peters M, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP27)

Options for management of early pregnancy loss: user’s decision depending on subjective psychological distress

Peters M, Dintsios CM
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP28)

Design of an evidence based health information framework regarding birth management in case of suspected macrosomia

Peterwerth N, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP29)

Midwifery care of follow-up pregnancies after losing a child

Pinnecke K, Hellmers C
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP30)

Implementation of midwifery specific offers within a teaching and research clinic

Rocholl A, Bauer N
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP31)

Nutritional knowledge of pregnant women – a qualitative study from a health psychological perspective

Schmidt J, zu Sayn-Wittgenstein F
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP32)

Obstetrical violence: survey of employed midwives

Sénac C
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP33)

Basic business administration knowledge for midwives – development of the compulsory module “management and quality management” at the Evangelical University of Berlin

Streffing J, Grieshop M
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP34)

Fear of childbirth (FOC): action orientations, desires and needs of pregnant women – a qualitative-reconstructive study

Striebich S
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP35)

The significance of qualitative research for the development of midwifery as a profession in Germany

Tegethoff D
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP36)

Women’s perception, utilization and experience of professional midwifery service in rural Afghanistan

Thommesen T, Kismul H, Safi K, Wakeelzad H, Watterdal TM, Kaplan I
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP37)

Work, empowerment, emotional and professional wellbeing of midwives – the WHELM study in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

Villmar A, Bauer N
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP38)

Professional biographies of midwives in Germany: critical incidents and turning points around the decision whether to stay in the profession or to leave

Wehrstedt C, Müller-Rockstroh B, Schnepp W
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP39)

Subjectively experienced security and childbirth: first results of fathers’ experiences. A qualitative study

Werner-Bierwisch T, Metzing S, Hellmers C
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Meeting Abstract (18dghwiP40)

Length of gestation: maturity is not calculable

Zeeb D, Loytved C, Berger C
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