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Artificial Vision 2013

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

08.11. - 09.11.2013, Aachen

Degenerations of the visual system – from genes to function

Meeting Abstract (13artvis01)

Early onset Stargardt disease – a candidate disorder for artificial vision and gene therapy

Theelen T, Bax NM, Hoyng CB
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis02)

Leber Congenital Amaurosis Studies on phenotype and genotype

Hoyng CB, den Hollander AId, Koenekoop RK
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis03)

Characterization of the Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) mouse model, RD-10: A morphological and electrophysical study

Biswas S, Müller F
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis04)

Electrophysiological Differences in Retinae of Wild Type and rd10 Mice influence the Electrical Stimulation Efficiency

Haselier C, Hesse S, Johnen S, Thumann G, Müller F, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis05)

What is the optimal electrical stimulus for most RGCs?

Jalligampala A, Rathbun DL, Zrenner E
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis06)

The importance to retinal prostheses of functional diversity across the ganglion cell population

Rathbun DL, Jalligampala A, Zrenner E
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis07)

Different response patterns evoked via epiretinal stimulation in the royal college of surgeons rat

Hesse S, Haselier C, Johnen S, Walter P
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Meeting Abstract (13artvis08)

Effects of intravitreal injection of iodoacetic acid and N-methyl-N-nitrosourea on photoreceptor survival in mice

Rösch S, Johnen S, Müller F, Pfarrer C, Walter P
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