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Artificial Vision 2013

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

08.11. - 09.11.2013, Aachen

Degenerations of the visual system – from genes to function

Meeting Abstract (13artvis01)

Early onset Stargardt disease – a candidate disorder for artificial vision and gene therapy

Theelen T, Bax NM, Hoyng CB
Meeting Abstract (13artvis02)

Leber Congenital Amaurosis Studies on phenotype and genotype

Hoyng CB, den Hollander AId, Koenekoop RK
Meeting Abstract (13artvis03)

Characterization of the Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) mouse model, RD-10: A morphological and electrophysical study

Biswas S, Müller F
Meeting Abstract (13artvis04)

Electrophysiological Differences in Retinae of Wild Type and rd10 Mice influence the Electrical Stimulation Efficiency

Haselier C, Hesse S, Johnen S, Thumann G, Müller F, Walter P
Meeting Abstract (13artvis05)

What is the optimal electrical stimulus for most RGCs?

Jalligampala A, Rathbun DL, Zrenner E
Meeting Abstract (13artvis06)

The importance to retinal prostheses of functional diversity across the ganglion cell population

Rathbun DL, Jalligampala A, Zrenner E
Meeting Abstract (13artvis07)

Different response patterns evoked via epiretinal stimulation in the royal college of surgeons rat

Hesse S, Haselier C, Johnen S, Walter P
Meeting Abstract (13artvis08)

Effects of intravitreal injection of iodoacetic acid and N-methyl-N-nitrosourea on photoreceptor survival in mice

Rösch S, Johnen S, Müller F, Pfarrer C, Walter P