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Annual Meeting of the German MLA (AGMB)

10. - 12.09.2018, Oldenburg


Dear Colleagues,

it is our pleasure to invite you to the Annual Meeting of the German Medical Library Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für medizinisches Bibliothekswesen e. V.) 2018 at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, themed: “Medical libraries: traditionally open and innovative”.

The sessions this year focus on themes like core data set research, copyright, open access, quality management and library developments outside the German speaking countries.

The session “Meeting point AGMB” for exchange of experiences and the poster session widen the abilities to get in contact with like-minded people. In addition there will be different meetings of working teams, workshops, product reviews and a commercial exhibition. The manifold social programme offers a variety of opportunities to discover Oldenburg and the university library of Oldenburg.

We are looking forward to see you and wish you a successful meeting.

AGMB Executive Board

Dagmar Härter
Monika Halser
Iris Reimann
Martina Semmler-Schmetz
Katrin Wibker

Local Committee

Heike Andermann
Kim Braun
Paul Tillmann Haas
Lars Heuer
Sylvia Hinrichs
Brigitte Kranz
Axel Masemann
Christa Meyer
Antje Schimpf
Svitlana Spyridonova


Scientific Program