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Annual Meeting of the German MLA (AGMB)

19.09. to 21.09.2011, Köln

Product Reviews

Meeting Abstract (11agmb12)

UpToDate – Evidence Based Medicine vs. Memory Based Medicine: Das klinische Online-Informationssystem

Borges A
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Meeting Abstract (11agmb13)

ProQuest – Deep indexing in ProQuest medical databases and how it enhances the research process

Nazari-Nouri A
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Meeting Abstract (11agmb14)

Thieme E-Book Library – Klinik & Praxis

Gemmel P
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Meeting Abstract (11agmb15)

Neue Anwendungen speziell für Krankenhausbibliotheken auf unserem Zeitschriftenportal size

Moser M
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Meeting Abstract (11agmb16)

De Gruyter – Digitale Medienvielfalt in der Medizin

Hoppe T
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