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GMS Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft (GMS Journal of Midwifery Science) is the online open access edition of the Journal of Midwifery Science (ISSN 2196-4416) and publishes the original articles of the print edition. The Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft – Journal of Midwifery Science is the publication of the German Society of Midwifery Science (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e.V.; DGHWi), in which, in addition to original articles on theory, research or subjects relevant to practice, official position statements of the Society, based on evidence, are printed. Original articles are replicated in this online journal by GMS to enable unrestricted access free of charge. The contributions appear in German or English with abstracts in both languages.

Recent Publications
GMS Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft Volume 4

Research article

Priority topics for research by midwives: an analysis of focus groups with pregnant women, mothers and midwives

Ayerle GM, Mattern E
GMS Z Hebammenwiss 2017; 4:Doc04 (20171215)
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Research article

Mutual trust between freelance midwives and their clients in the context of interprofessional cooperation and early prevention: a qualitative study

Schlüter-Cruse M, zu Sayn-Wittgenstein F
GMS Z Hebammenwiss 2017; 4:Doc03 (20171215)
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Research article

Combining grounded theory and biographical research in midwifery science

Wehrstedt C, Schnepp W, Müller-Rockstroh B
GMS Z Hebammenwiss 2017; 4:Doc02 (20171129)
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Research article

Requirements, benefits and competencies for higher education in midwifery: findings of an expert survey in Germany

Butz J, Walper K, Wangler S, Simon S
GMS Z Hebammenwiss 2017; 4:Doc01 (20170926)
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