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The German Association of Surgical Ophthalmologists (BDOC) welcomes and invites ophthalmologists from Germany and abroad to present their case studies in ophthalmology to a broad audience. BDOC supports open access in favour of spreading knowledge into the medical community to enhance medical care. Therefore BDOC edits GMS Ophthalmology Cases and organises the appropriate review. GMS Ophthalmology Cases does not charge any article processing charges (APCs) nor submission charges to its authors.
Participating in GMS Ophthalmology Cases means: Free your papers, share your knowledge.

Recent Publications
GMS Ophthalmology Cases – An Open Access Journal Volume 10

Case Report

Trocar-assisted, flanged sutureless scleral-fixated intraocular lens implantation combined with silicone oil injection after penetrating keratoplasty surgery

Karadag R, Kilic G, Ardagil A, Demirok A
GMS Ophthalmol Cases 2020; 10:Doc03 (20200214)
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Case Report

Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty in aphakic and vitrectomized eye

Karadag R, Aykut V, Esen F, Oguz H, Demirok A
GMS Ophthalmol Cases 2020; 10:Doc02 (20200214)
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Case Report

Acute stromal keratitis in clinics – are we missing microsporidia?

Farooqui JH, Acharya M, Gandhi A, Mathur U
GMS Ophthalmol Cases 2020; 10:Doc01 (20200214)
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