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International Conference on SARS - one year after the (first) outbreak

08. - 11.05.2004, Lübeck

Poster Presentations
P2: Epidemiology

Poster (04sarsP2.01)

An seroepidemiological study on SARS in different populations of Guangdong Province

Li H, Huang JC, Fang L, Li J, Wang ZY, Lin JY, Xu XP, Diao LM, Yan J, Zhang WL, Huang P, Li W, Yan XG, Zheng HJ, Xu HJ, Deng F
Poster (04sarsP2.02)

An epidemiological study on the dead cases of SARS in Guangdong province

Li LH, Liang WJ, Guo RN, Fang Y, Tan XH, Li DY, Peng GW
Poster (04sarsP2.03)

SARS transmission on commercial aircrafts, the German experience

Breugelmans JG, Broll S, Porten K, Zucs P, Gottschalk R, Niedrig M, Ammon A, Krause G
Poster (04sarsP2.04)

Description of the first case of confirmed SARS in Italy

Capetti A, Bonfanti P, Argentieri B, Drago L, Faggioni I, Resta M, Terzi R, Lombardi A, Gismondo MR, Vigevano GM