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Physical activity and successful aging
10th International EGREPA Conference

European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity

14.09. - 16.09.2006 in Köln

Invited symposia & thematic sessions
European Master Programme in Adapted Physical Activity for Older Persons

Meeting Abstract (06pasa071)

European master programme in adapted physical activity for older persons

Van Coppenolle H
Meeting Abstract (06pasa072)

Screening assessment and outcome measure: the concurrent and predictive validity of mobility from one level to another

Bergland A
Meeting Abstract (06pasa073)

Leadership communication and marketing skills

Huijsmans K, van Coppenolle H, Djobova S, Niemiro A
Meeting Abstract (06pasa074)

Timed up-and-go, functional reach and gait velocity in healthy young students, healthy older people and frail elderly

Langhammer B, Lindmark B
Meeting Abstract (06pasa075)

Implementation of the THENAPAII research project in Romania

Marcu V, Tarcau E, Dan M, Matei C, Chiriac M, Serac V
Meeting Abstract (06pasa076)

Age-associated changes in individuals with spinal cord injury

Morgulec N, Kosmol A
Meeting Abstract (06pasa077)

Physical activity counselling for older people - experiences from Jyväskylä, Finland

Rasinaho M, Hirvensalo M, Leinonen R, Rantanen T
Meeting Abstract (06pasa078)

Physical activity counselling and motivation: importance of motivation in physical activity counselling in elderly

Wittmannova J