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Information Retrieval Meeting (IRM 2022)

10.06. - 11.06.2022, Köln

Living systematic reviews and evidence surveillance: How do we stay up to date?

Meeting Abstract (22irm24)

Lessons learned by NICE using an AI platform to replicate literature surveillance tasks

Langford P, Chow T, Raynor M, Tuvey D, Knapton N, Casey M, Pashos CL, Michelson M, Nolan K
Meeting Abstract (22irm25)

Evaluation of a new approach to automation in the evidence surveillance workflow

Thomas J, Shemilt I
Meeting Abstract (22irm26)

Continuous post-market real-world evidence generation from online drug reviews using natural language processing

Hartung M, Kramer-Sunderbrink A, Jebbara S, Loonus Y, Mokbel B, Cimiano P
Meeting Abstract (22irm27)

Supporting information retrieval in times of a pandemic – a library’s perspective

Langnickel L, Baum R, Darms J, Fluck J
Meeting Abstract (22irm28)

Drinking from a firehose: living systematic review with 15,000 new references every month

Nowak A, Solo K, Dearness K, Wiercioch W, Nieuwlaat R
Meeting Abstract (22irm29)

Semantic publication of clinical trials to support automatic aggregation of evidence

Sanchez-Graillet O, Brazda N, Griffiths S, Grimm F, Cimiano P