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4th InVeST – International Veterinary Simulation in Teaching Conference

14.09. - 16.09.2015, Hannover

Topic: E-Learning

Meeting Abstract (15invest23)

Case-based e-learning model “CASUS” – “Health management in pig farms” as a complement tool in the practical veterinary education and advanced training

Spiegel S, Spiegel F, Lösken S, Düngelhoef A, Kleinsorgen C, grosse Beilage E, Ehlers JP, Wendt M
Meeting Abstract (15invest24)

Conceptual design and realisation of the e-learning of the berliner kompaktkurse – evaluation of user satisfaction via online survey

Marquardt N, Kaepke M
Meeting Abstract (15invest25)

The iVetSchool Application: a multimedia approach to supplementing veterinary medical student education through problem based learning

Roberts J, Rashmir A, Malinowski R, Patterson J, Ames K, Welker F, Midla L, Nabors B, Linford R, Raven M
Meeting Abstract (15invest26)

Development and evaluation of two anatomical po“t”casts for students learning the anatomy of the tongue

Bernigau D, Schmalz S, Mülling C
Meeting Abstract (15invest27)

Development of 4D virtual farms

Barber S, Hallein E, Shallcross D, Bramley E, Jacobson C, Celi P, McGowan M, Weston J, Owens J
Meeting Abstract (15invest28)

The global resource for online evidence-based veterinary medicine learning

Reyher K, Crowther E, Dean R, Baillie S, Arlt S, Brennan M, Brodbelt D, Brown F, Grindlay D, Handel I, Holmes M, McGowan C, Parkin T, Place E, Rees G, Shaw D, Sanchez J, Urdes L, Verheyen K, Warman S
Meeting Abstract (15invest29)

Engagement, repetition and tracking: Using of a mobile device application to teach anesthesia dose, fluid and infusion calculations

Keegan R, Bullers S, Brown G, Gay J