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33. Internationale Konferenz für Elektrokardiographie

Internationale Konferenz für Elektrokardiographie


Meeting Abstract (06ice001)

Dynamic Electrocardiography in the Detection of Arrhythmogenic States

Lux RL, Brockmeier K
Meeting Abstract (06ice002)

Diagnostic Criteria For The Brugada Syndrome

Hiraoka M, Yokoyama Y, Takagi M, Aihara N, Aonuma K
Meeting Abstract (06ice003)

Catheter Ablation of Atrioventricular Reciprocating Tachycardia in Children

Rosenthal E
Meeting Abstract (06ice004)

The Heart Function After Destruction of the Epicardial Nerve Subplexuses of the Right Atrium

Lekas R, Veikutis V, Krisciukaitis A, Civinskiene G, Kulboka A, Sokolovas V
Meeting Abstract (06ice005)

Holter monitoring data in prediction a general health status in the elderly

Shkolnikova M, Kravtsova L, Shalnova S, Shkolnikov V, Oksuzyan A, Vaupel J
Meeting Abstract (06ice006)

HyperQ - a novel technique for detecting stress-induced ischemia using analysis of the ECG depolarization phase

Toledo E, Bregman-Amitai O, Beker A, Gadot M, Strasberg B, Zafrir N
Meeting Abstract (06ice007)

The Dynamics Of Cardiovascular System Parts Synchronization In Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Under Impact Of Methoprolol Intake

Kiselev AR, Gridnev VI, Posnenkova OM, Ponomarenko VI, Karavaev AS, Bespyatov AB, Strunina AN, Prokhorov MD, Shevchenko OV, Dovgalevsky PY
Meeting Abstract (06ice008)

Contribution of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure Variability and Blood Pressure Morphology to Risk Stratification in Patients with Heart Failure

Voss A, Schroeder R, Baumert M, Truebner S, Goernig M, Hagenow A, Figulla HR
Meeting Abstract (06ice009)

Catheter Ablation of AVNRT in Children

Emmel M, Sreeram N, Brockmeier K
Meeting Abstract (06ice010)

Dynamic analysis of repolarization instability: methods and emerging applications

Shusterman V, Goldberg A, Edmundowicz D, Malloy T, Housel D, Lux RL, Schwartzman D
Meeting Abstract (06ice011)

Drug Induced Changes Of The QT Interval In Guinea Pigs Measured By Contactless Noninvasive Magnetocardiography

Steinhoff U, Knappe-Grueneberg S, Wiekhorst F
Meeting Abstract (06ice012)

Assessing Pharmacologically Induced Changes in Repolarization for Cardiac Safety

Lux RL, Mason JW
Meeting Abstract (06ice013)

Conduction Velocity And Arrhythmogenesis In The Atrial-Pulmonary Vein Tissues Of XINalpha-Deficient Mouse

Lai Y, Huang E, Yeh H, Lin J, Lin C
Meeting Abstract (06ice014)

CAPON is a Novel QT-Interval Modifier Gene with Gender Dependent Effect Identified through Genomewide Association Analysis in Individuals from the General Population

Pfeufer A, Arking DE, Perz S, Akyol M, Jalilzadeh S, Post W, Illig T, Gieger C, Wichmann HE, Marban E, Spooner PM, Chakravarti A, Meitinger T, Kaab S
Meeting Abstract (06ice015)

A Resting Electrocardiography “SuperScore” for Heart Disease Screening

Rahman MA, Delgado R, Poulin G, Starc V, Arenare B, Swafford J, Schlegel TT
Meeting Abstract (06ice016)

Short PR interval and catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia – typical or accidental association?

Makarov L, Kyrileva T, Chuprova S, Komoliatova V
Meeting Abstract (06ice017)

Correlation Of Results Of Coronarographic, Spect Examination And High Signal Resolution Electrocardiography

Krzyminiewski R, Stepien R
Meeting Abstract (06ice018)

Heart Rate Variability Parameters Derived from Exercise ECG in the Detection of Coronary Artery Disease

Virtanen M, Viik J, Lehtinen R, Nieminen T, Turjanmaa V, Lehtimäki T, Niemelä K, Nikus K, Niemi M, Kööbi T, Kähönen M
Meeting Abstract (06ice019)

Interventricular delay less than 20 milliseconds on body surface potential mapping identifies cardiac resynchorisation therapy responders

Pastore CA, Samesima N, Tobias NMMO, Martinelli Filho M, Pedrosa AA, Nishioka SAD, Douglas RA, Ramires JAF
Meeting Abstract (06ice020)

Strength-Duration Curves Identify Excitability In Rat Heart

Bertuzzi A, Baruffi S, Corradi D, Musso E, Rossi S, Macchi E
Meeting Abstract (06ice021)

The Role Of Conduction Delay And Complex Anatomical Structures In The Initiation And Maintenance Of Atrial Fibrillation

Reumann M, Bohnert J, Osswald B, Hagl S, Doessel O
Meeting Abstract (06ice022)

Wavebreak and wavelet anchoring in branching tissue – a computer model study

Wieser L, Fischer G, Nowak C, Rantner L, Tilg B
Meeting Abstract (06ice023)

Effect of Angiotensin II and AT1-receptor blockade on Ca2+ homeostasis in human atrial myocytes as a model for the potential clinical benefit of AT-1 blockade in human atrial fibrillation

Brandt MC, Gassanov N, Michels G, Er F, Hoppe UC
Meeting Abstract (06ice024)

Computer Model Of Terminating Atrial Fibrillation Through Atrial Antitachycardial Pacing

Reumann M, Osswald B, Hagl S, Doessel O
Meeting Abstract (06ice025)

Age-Related Changes In Ventricular Activation In Rat Heart

Rossi S, Baruffi S, Bertuzzi A, Corradi D, Musso E, Macchi E
Meeting Abstract (06ice026)

Radiofrequency catheter ablation with multiple accessory pathways in pediatric patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Gariopov R, Termosesov S, Illich I
Meeting Abstract (06ice027)

Clinical efficacy of radiofrequency catheter ablation in the aortic root of the origin in the left ventricular outflow tract in pediatric patients with ventricular arrhythmias

Termosesov S, Garipov R, Ilich I, Shkolnikova M
Meeting Abstract (06ice028)

Efficacy of Bepridil on Rapid Atrial Pacing-induced Canine Atrial Fibrillation Model

Nishida K, Fujiki A, Sakamoto T, Iwamoto J, Mizumaki K, Inoue H
Meeting Abstract (06ice029)

Verapamil and left atrial appendage ligation prevent atrial fibrillation induced by acetylcholine injection to subadventitia layer of pulmonary veins in dogs

Tanabe T, Kohzuma K, Usui K, Amino M, Deguchi Y, Yoshioka K
Meeting Abstract (06ice030)

Registry on linked follow up of ICD-patients by means of Home Monitoring. Experience with the first patients

Perings S, Bläse I, Plehn G, Trappe H, Perings Ch
Meeting Abstract (06ice031)

A Novel Segmentation of Ultrasound Medical Images

Margret A
Meeting Abstract (06ice032)

Telemonitoring System “Monte” In Diagnosis Of Heart Diseases

Krzyminiewski R
Meeting Abstract (06ice033)

Value Of Noninvasive Evaluation In Diagnostic Process Of Syncope

Lelonek M, Stanczyk A, Goch J
Meeting Abstract (06ice034)

Are Brugada type I and type II signs on standard electrocardiography in patients with arrhythmic right ventricular cardiomyopathy suggestive of Brugada syndrome?

Ioana S, Cristina S, Mihai M
Meeting Abstract (06ice035)

Prevalence of ECG findings in population based sample of Russian children

Miklachevich I, Kalinin L, Lebedkova S, Abdulatipova I, Lunegova E, Svintsova L, Balashova T, Shkolnikova M
Meeting Abstract (06ice036)

Does Energy Drink Affect Qt Duration Or Dispersion?

Arinc H, Gunduz H, Uyan C, Kayardi M, Yolcu M, Cosgun M, Erguzel N
Meeting Abstract (06ice037)

Analysis Of Atrial Fibrillation Cycle Length From High-Resolution Surface Electrocardiograms Using A New Ecg System

Grubitzsch H, Modersohn D, Haverkamp W, Leuthold T, Konertz W
Meeting Abstract (06ice038)

Differentiation of atrioventricular reentrant tachycardia in children using 12-lead electrocardiogram

Shkolnikova M, Ildarova R, Termosesov S, Bereznitskaya V
Meeting Abstract (06ice039)

Effect Of Cardiac Rehabilitation On QT Dispersion And Body Surface QRST Maps Nondipolarity In Patients With Previous Myocardial Infarction

Sobieszczanska M, Kalka D, Marciniak W, Markuszewski L, Rusiecki L, Janocha A, Jagielski J, Laszki-Szczachor K, Pilecki W
Meeting Abstract (06ice040)

Decreased Qrs Amplitude In The Stage Of Developing Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Is Associated By Decreased Expression Of Connexin43

Bacharova L, Plandorova J, Klimas J, Krenek P, Kyselovic J
Meeting Abstract (06ice041)

Uric acid as an independent risk factor of left venetricular hypertrophy in men

Hirotsugu Mitsuhashi H, Kunihiro Matsushita K, Kaichirou Sugiura K, Yatsuya H, Tamakoshi K, Toyoshima H
Meeting Abstract (06ice042)

On The Origin Of Palpitations In Patients With Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome. Role Of Long Term Adrenergic Beta Blockade

Pereira da Silva E, Mendes Petro M, Neves L, Pires Bicho M, Lopes MG
Meeting Abstract (06ice043)

Effect of Antiarrhythmic Drugs on Spatial and Temporal Variation of Fibrillation Cycle Length in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation -Spectral Analyses of Fibrillation Waves of Surface ECG-

Sakamoto T, Fujiki A, Iwamoto J, Nishida K, Nagasawa H, Mizumaki K, Inoue H
Meeting Abstract (06ice044)

Automated ECG Classification of RVH and LVH in Neonatal Population

Zhou S, Liebman J, Dubin A, Sun K, Li F, Zhou Y, Gregg R, Helfenbein E, Lindauer J
Meeting Abstract (06ice045)

Does Energy Drink (Red Bull) Affect P Dispersion In Healthy Persons?

Arinc H, Gunduz H, Uyan C, Yolcu M, Kayardi M, Erguzel N, Cosgun M
Meeting Abstract (06ice046)

Detection Of Pulmonary Hypertension By Ecg And Impedance Cardiogram Data

Gargasas L, Sadauskas S, Naudziunas A, Ruseckas R, Jurkoniene R, Jurkonis V
Meeting Abstract (06ice047)

Evaluation The Children Ecg Stress Test In View Of Age And Gender

Baciuliene K, Vainoras A, Gargasas L
Meeting Abstract (06ice048)

Effect Of Average Physical Activity Prior To Myocardial Infarction On Exercise Tolerance With Treadmill Test In Patients Subjected To Cardiac Rehabilitation

Kalka D, Sobieszczanska M, Marciniak W, Markuszewski L, Bielous-Wilk A, Bak A, Rusiecki L, Mical-Strak M, Dobek R, Laszki-Szczachor K, Adamus J
Meeting Abstract (06ice049)

Diagnostic Value Of Prolonged Qt Interval In Children And Adolescents With Type I Diabetes

Rjabykina G, Laptev D, Seid-Guseinov A, Volkov I, Sobolev A
Meeting Abstract (06ice050)

Characterization Of Electrocardiographic Phenotype In Kcnq1 Mutant Mice

Kuwahara M, Yagi T, Ito K, Nishino K, Suzuki K, Tsubone H
Meeting Abstract (06ice051)

QT interval dynamics is modified by menstrual cycle

Saikawa T, Nakagawa M, Ooie T, Takahashi N, Taniguchi Y, Anan F, Yonemochi H
Meeting Abstract (06ice052)

Difference Between Acute and Chronic Effects of Amiodarone on QT Versus RR Relationship

Iwamoto J, Hujiki A, Sakamoto T, Nagasawa H, Mizumaki K, Inoue H
Meeting Abstract (06ice053)

Contribution Of IKs To Rabbit Ventricular Repolarization In Vivo

Nishina T, Nitta H, Ito K, Kuwahara M, Tsubone H
Meeting Abstract (06ice054)

Comparison of monodomain and bidomain models for whole-heart propagation studies

Potse M, Dubé B, Vinet A
Meeting Abstract (06ice055)

Multi Foci Based Initial Estimate For Cardiac Activation Time Mapping

Oostendorp T, van Oosterom A, Fisscher G
Meeting Abstract (06ice056)

A Based Model For Analyzing the Control Of Blood Rate for Athletic

Ndao D
Meeting Abstract (06ice057)

Beneficial effects of carvedilol and enalapril treatment on electrical and structural remodeling and mortality in chronic heart failure

Popov VV, Bulanova NA, Kopitsa NP, Radzevich AE
Meeting Abstract (06ice058)

Effects Of Insulin On Triggered Activity In Hamster Ventricular Myocytes

Lin CI, Hsu CH, Chen YC, Wei J
Meeting Abstract (06ice059)

A new approach to the risk stratification among children with polymorphic ventricular tachycardia

Shkolnikova M, Beresnitskaya V, Termosesov S, Kurileva T
Meeting Abstract (06ice060)

Signal-averaged electrocardiography parameters identify risk and predict paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and hospitalization in patients with congestive heart failure

Popov VV, Bulanova NA, Kopitsa NP, Radzevich AE
Meeting Abstract (06ice061)

Inverse Reconstruction Of Activation Wavefronts And Potentials On The Heart Surface Using A Wavefront-Based Model

Ghodrati AA, Brooks DDH, Tadmor GG, MacLeod RRS
Meeting Abstract (06ice062)

The Contribution Of Myocardial Layers To Propagation Of Ecxitation In Renovascular Hypertensive Rats

Suslonova O, Roshchevskaya I
Meeting Abstract (06ice063)

A locus for autosomal dominant sinus node disease is mapped on chromosome 7q21.3-q31.2

Etzrodt D, Rust S, Breithardt G, Schulze-Bahr E
Meeting Abstract (06ice064)

Cardiac Electric Field During QRST Interval In Frogs And Pikes

Vaykshnoraite M, Belogolava A, Vityazev V, Azarov J, Shmakov D
Meeting Abstract (06ice065)

Ventricular Epicardial Repolarization Under Ectopic Excitation In Pikes And Frogs

Belogolava A, Vaykshnoraite M, Azarov J, Vityazev V, Shmakov D
Meeting Abstract (06ice066)

The Sequence Of Depolarization Of Epicardium In The Area Of Falling The Pulmonary Veins Into The Left Atrium In Norm And At Cooling

Chudorodova S, Tsil’ke P, Roshchevskaya I, Roshchevsky M, Chen Y, Lai Y, Lin C
Meeting Abstract (06ice067)

Activation And Recovery Sequences Of Ventricles In Animals With “Flash” Type Of Depolarization

Roshchevskaia I, Roshchevsky M
Meeting Abstract (06ice068)

The technology of ECG mapping by bipolar leads in the diagnostic of acute myocardial infarction

Sreafinovich I
Meeting Abstract (06ice069)

Possible role for gap-junctional remodeling in ischemic ST depression on the ECG

Potse M, Nadeau R, LeBlanc AR, Cardinal R, Vinet A
Meeting Abstract (06ice070)

Estimation of EСG-12 in patients survived acute coronary syndrome after facilitated or primary PCI

Ryabikina G, Sozikin A, Samko A, Ruda M, Dobrovolskaya S, Shcedrina E, Gofman E, Merkulov E
Meeting Abstract (06ice071)

Prognostic Value Of The Asymptomatic Ecg – Changes At Holter Monitoring In Patients With Unstable Coronary Artery Disease

Kardashevska L, Chupina V, Vatutin N, Kardashevska E
Meeting Abstract (06ice072)

Myocardial Oedema Estimated By Bioimpedance And Coronary Blood Flow Changes During Ischema

Rätsep I, Kink A, Min M, Parve T
Meeting Abstract (06ice073)

The noninfarction areas syndrome with overtired myocardium phenomenon

Serafinovich I
Meeting Abstract (06ice074)

Heart failure and heart rupture in patients with myocardial infarction – the general and the particular

Serafinovich I, Karnialiuk D
Meeting Abstract (06ice075)

Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on QT Dispersion in Patients with Previous Myocardial Infarction Treated with PTCA

Kalka D, Sobieszczanska M, Marciniak W, Markuszewski L, Bak A, Chorebala A, Rusiecki L, Adamus J, Janocha A
Meeting Abstract (06ice076)

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy in the Elderly: an Uncommon Finding Using MR Imaging

Sinha A, Ritscher G, Bartunek R, Brinster G, Nölker G, Schibgilla V, Brugger A, Brachmann J
Meeting Abstract (06ice077)

Integration Of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes Into Murine Ventricular Tissue Slices

Pillekamp F, Reppel M, Halbach M, Nguemo F, Rubenick O, Brockmeier K, Hescheler J
Meeting Abstract (06ice078)

Screening for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders by Transthoracic-Impedance Recording Integrated into a Holter ECG System

Müller A, Baumann G, Fietze I, Völker R, Glos M, Eddicks S, Theres H
Meeting Abstract (06ice079)

Microelectrode Mapping Of Right Atrium In The Lizard Heart

Prosheva V
Meeting Abstract (06ice080)

The Usefulness Of The Omron's Portable ECG On Epidemiologic Research

Ozawa Y, Kasamaki Y, Iijima K, Ota M, Watanabe I, Saito S, Xu X, Ma Y, An D, Maimaiti Y, Sakoda Y, Yamamoto N
Meeting Abstract (06ice081)

Reappraisal of the Electrocardiographic Criteria for the use of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy

Parwani AS, Boldt LH, Rolf S, Peters S, Dietz R, Haverkamp W
Meeting Abstract (06ice082)

Can Hemodialysis Improve Time domain Signal Averaged ECG and 12-lead QT dispersion in End Stage Renal Failure Patients? A single centre experience in Taiwan

Yang T, Yang I
Meeting Abstract (06ice083)

A Modified Approach To Electrocardiographic Diagnosis Of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Using The Decarto Method

Titomir L, Trunov V, Aidu E, Sakhnova T, Blinova E
Meeting Abstract (06ice084)

Applicability Of Model Based Localization Of Ischemic Lesions

Heblakova E, Svehlikova J, Turzova M, Tysler M
Meeting Abstract (06ice085)

Time-frequency profiles of QRS complex with wavelet transform for estimating arrhythmogenic signals and its meanings assessed by computer simulation

Wakatsuki D, Tsutsumi T, Shimojima H, Takeyama Y, Okamoto Y
Meeting Abstract (06ice086)

Intraindividual variability of T-wave shape of electrocardiogram as indicator of stress

Chaikowsky I
Meeting Abstract (06ice087)

Physical basis of SATRO - a new method for analysis of the cardiac muscle depolarisation

Janicki JS
Meeting Abstract (06ice088)

Atrial Infarction. Possible Significance

Grigore R, Sutescu C
Meeting Abstract (06ice089)

Pre-Hospital Management Of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

Stazhadze LL, Bulanova NA, Popov VV
Meeting Abstract (06ice090)

Aging shift of frequency distribution in QRS with wavelet transform in spontaneously hypertensive rats FPossible involvement of cardiac remodeling

Kubota N, Tsutsumi T, Nakajima T, Takeyama Y
Meeting Abstract (06ice091)

An additional lead aVL-Neb in patients with acute myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome - the using technology and clinical significance

Serafinovich I
Meeting Abstract (06ice092)

Adenosine Induced Ventricular Arrhythmias In Patients With Supraventricular Tachycardias

Atar I, Ertan C, Ozgul A, Gulmez O, Atar A, Balta S, Demirtas K, Muderrisoglu H, Ozin B
Meeting Abstract (06ice093)

Angiotensin II accelerates conduction block induced under rapid stimulation in left atrial musle bundle isolated from aged spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHRIzm)

Tsutsumi T, Wakatsuki D, Kubota N, Takeyama Y
Meeting Abstract (06ice094)

Physiological atrial pacing with physiologic blend sensor pacemaker mode is able to reduce PAF episodes in patients with sick sinus syndrome

Hirose T, Matsuo H, Segawa T, Kato T, Watanabe T, Suzuki S, Warita S, Kojima T, Iwama M, Ono K, Takahashi H, Watanabe S
Meeting Abstract (06ice095)

Alteration Of Negative Sequence Voltages In The Ventricular Repolarization By Temporary Artificial Pacemakers In Patients With Bradycardia

Carson W
Meeting Abstract (06ice096)

Third generation mobile phones (UMTS) do not interfere with permanent implanted pacemakers

Hekmat K, Bennink G, Wahlers T
Meeting Abstract (06ice097)

Brugada Syndrome and Short QT Interval: A new diagnosis?

Schimpf R, Hsu LF, Veltmann C, Haissaguerre M, Schickel S, Oberheiden R, Borggrefe M, Wolpert C
Meeting Abstract (06ice098)

Increasing of nocturnal LAS40uv in Brugada syndrome relevant the arrhythmogenic substrate

Yoshioka K, Amino M, Tanabe T
Meeting Abstract (06ice099)

Evaluation Of Sensitivity Of Determined Epicardial Maps On The Changes Of The 3d Thorax Model

Doros M, Czerwinska A
Meeting Abstract (06ice100)

Stem-Cell Therapy Produces Ventricular Electrical Reverse Remodeling as Detected by BSPM in Patients with Refractory Heart Failure

Samesima N, Pastore CA, Bocchi EA, Kaiser E, Pereira Filho HG, Quadros CM, Mendroni A, Garcia EV, Ramires JAF
Meeting Abstract (06ice101)

Potential Significance Of The Body Surface Mapping In Identification Of The Lqt1 And Lqt2

Polyakova I, Kalinin L, Shkolnikova M
Meeting Abstract (06ice102)

Ventricular Activation Time Maps In Left Bundle Branch Block

Laszki-Szczachor K, Sobieszczanska M, Jagielski J
Meeting Abstract (06ice103)

Results Of Investigations Of Cardiac Electrical Field Obtained On The Basis Of Integral Body Surface Potential Maps

Czerwinska A, Doros M
Meeting Abstract (06ice104)

Orthogonal Components Of The Body Surface Repolarization Map And The Depolarization Pattern

Corlan AD, De Ambroggi L
Meeting Abstract (06ice105)

Judge of the impaired left ventricular systolic function from body surface mapping parameters

Simonyi G, Szûcs E, Bauernfeind T, Szakolczai K, Szedlák M, Patarcsics E, Király J, Müller G, Prèda I, Medvegy M
Meeting Abstract (06ice106)

Multiple regression model of beat-to-beat spatial repolarization variability

Kozmann G, Haraszti K
Meeting Abstract (06ice107)

The Effect Of Statin On Atrial Fibrillation Promotion In Human

Komiya N, Seto S, Shibata R, Fukae S, Nakao K, Yano K
Meeting Abstract (06ice108)

Correlation Of Abnormalities Of Vegetative Regulation Of Heart Rhythm With The Level Of Autoantibodies To Nerve Growth Factor In Children With Long Qt Syndrome

Abakumov A, Chuprova S, Klushnik T, Galkin G
Meeting Abstract (06ice109)

The Dynamics Of 0.1 Hz Oscillations Of The Heart Rate Variability In Patients With Coronary Artery Disease During Veloergometric Tests

Kiselev AR, Gridnev VI, Posnenkova OM, Strunina AN, Dovgalevsky PY
Meeting Abstract (06ice110)

The Circadian Index as new simple method for assessment of the circadian heart rate

Makarov L, Chuprova S, Komoliatova V, Petukhova E
Meeting Abstract (06ice111)

Clusterization of the Relationship between SNS and PSNS activity by Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Riftine A
Meeting Abstract (06ice112)

Influence Of The Normal Menstrual Cycle On Circadian Rhythm Of Autonomic Nervous Activity

Yamamoto M, Sato Y
Meeting Abstract (06ice113)

Synchronization Between Main Rhythms Of Cardiovascular System Under Different Regimes Of Breathing

Kiselev AR, Gridnev VI, Ponomarenko VI, Prokhorov MD, Karavaev AS, Bespyatov AB, Posnenkova OM, Dovgalevsky PY
Meeting Abstract (06ice114)

Analysis Of Heart Rate Dynamics In Congestive Heart Failure

Moga VD, Moga M
Meeting Abstract (06ice115)

Heart Rate Turbulence In Patients With Systemic Sclerosis

Sobieszczanska M, Bielous-Wilk A, Jagielski D, Baran E, Kalka D, Rusiecki L, Poreba R, Podgorski M, Staniszewska-Marszalek E, Pilecki W, Panaszek B, Marciniak W
Meeting Abstract (06ice116)

Conduction Velocity Of Murine Left Atrial-Pulmonary Vein Tissues Under Normal And Low Temperature

Chen YC, Lai YJ, Lin CI, Chudorodova SL, Roshchevskaya IM, Roshchevsky MP
Meeting Abstract (06ice117)

Invisible Negative Sequence Voltages Before Spontaneous Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia In Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction

Carson W, Tseng YZ
Meeting Abstract (06ice118)

Atrial Arrhythmias From Mediastinal Nerve Stimulation In Canines

Nadeau R, Page P, Kus T, Richer LP, Vinet A, Yin Y, Vermeulen M, Armour JA, Cardinal R
Meeting Abstract (06ice119)

Heart rate variability in hypertensive patients with a history of atrial fibrillation related to echocardiographic features

Nadeau R, Sas G, Lebeau R, Leblanc A, Roy D, Larochelle P, de Champlain J
Meeting Abstract (06ice120)

Asymmetrical dimethylarginine levels in acute onset and chronic atrial fibrillation

Cengel A, Sahinarslan A, Biberoglu G, Hasanoglu A, Tavil Y, Ozdemir M
Meeting Abstract (06ice121)

Diverse arrhythmia phenotypes caused by Mutations of potassium channel (HERG)

Bertrand J, Breithardt G, Isbrandt D, Schulze-Bahr E
Meeting Abstract (06ice122)

Post - operative Right Bundle Branch block: is there a relationship between QRS prolongation and the T wave-descending limb?

Benatar A, De Wilde H, Feenstra A, Decraene T
Meeting Abstract (06ice123)

Heart Rate Variability Before And After Catheter Ablation In Atrioventricular Nodal Reciprocating Tachycardia Patients

Vaiciulyte R, Puodziukynas A, Sileikis V, Kazakevicius T
Meeting Abstract (06ice124)

Divergent testosterone impact on cardiac calcium handling: acute vs. chronic effects

Er F, Michels G, Brandt MC, Hoppe UC
Meeting Abstract (06ice125)

Electrocardiographic QRS voltage and duration criteria and different patterns of left ventricular hypertrophy and geometry in essential hypertension

Bociaga Z, Jaroch J, Stopyra-Poczatek M, Wojszwillo A, Kostecka-Pokryszko A, Loboz-Grudzien K
Meeting Abstract (06ice126)

Treatment Of Arrhythmias In Patients With Unstable Angina. The Role Of Statins

Chupina V, Vatutin N, Kardashevska L
Meeting Abstract (06ice127)

Ajmaline challenge in patients suspicious of Brugada syndrome

Veltmann C, Schimpf R, Echternach C, Kuschyk J, Streitner F, Borggrefe M, Wolpert C
Meeting Abstract (06ice128)

The Analysis Of Structure Of Sudden Cardiac Death In Families With Different Molecular - Genetic Variants Of Inherited Long Qt Syndrome

Chuprova S, Zaklyazminskaya E, Shkolnikova M
Meeting Abstract (06ice129)

Spatiotemporal Complexity of Atrial Arrhythmias Assessed through the Dynamics of the Equivalent Dipole

Jacquement V, Lemay M, van Oosterom A, Klappenberger L
Meeting Abstract (06ice130)

Low Information Entropy of Heart Rate is Strongly Associated with Myocardial Infarction

Lau S, Haueisen J, Schukat-Talamazzini EG, Baumert M, Goemig M, Leder U, Figulla HR, Voss A
Meeting Abstract (06ice131)

Prognostic significance of heart rate turbulence following ventricular premature beats in young patients

Komoliatova V, Makarov L, Gorlitskaya O, Petukhova E
Meeting Abstract (06ice132)

Dynamics Of Heart Rate Variability On A Background Of Beta-Blockers Therapy - New Factor Of Prediction Of Syncope Recurrence And Stratification Of Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Death In Patients With Long Qt Syndrome?

Chuprova S
Meeting Abstract (06ice133)

Short term deflections of HRV shortly after tilt are highly predictive for Neurocardiogenic Syncope in children

Khalil M, Maier C, Magerl M, Dickhaus H, Ulmer HE
Meeting Abstract (06ice134)

Judgement of the culprit coronary lesion with electrocardiological examination of the T-wave, in remote non ST-elavation acute coronary syndrome

Szedlák M, Szücs E, Simonyi G, Szakolczai K, Bolgár A, Bauernfeind T, Préda I, Medvegy M
Meeting Abstract (06ice135)

Prolonged Qt Interval In Children With Type 1 Diabetes In Long Ecg Monitoring

Laptev D
Meeting Abstract (06ice136)

Development Of Hypertension In Shr Is Charaterized By Positive Relation Between Qt Duration And Systolic Blood Pressure

Klimas J, Kyselovic J, Bacharova L
Meeting Abstract (06ice137)

Alteration Of Negative Sequence Voltages In Atria By The Amplatzer Occluder In Patients With Atrial Septal Defect

Carson W, Wang JK, Tseng YZ
Meeting Abstract (06ice138)

Danon Disease – an X-linked hereditary cardiomyopathy with life threatening arrhythmias

Schwarz P, Kindermann I, Lindinger A
Meeting Abstract (06ice139)

Prolongation of QTc and QRS but not the grade of diastolic dysfunction correlate with clinical severity of diastolic HF

Duengen HD, Fehrendt S, Schimpf K, Wachter R, Pieske B, Dietz R, Osterziel KJ, Haverkamp W
Meeting Abstract (06ice140)

Heart rate variability helps to identify patients with diastolic dysfunction prone to develop symptoms of heart failure

Duengen HD, Schimpf K, Fehrendt S, Wachter R, Pieske B, Dietz R, Osterziel KJ, Haverkamp W
Meeting Abstract (06ice141)

Cardioelectric Field On The Body Surface Of Fish At Cooling

Roshchevsky MP, Chudorodova S, Roshchevskaya IM
Meeting Abstract (06ice142)

Prevalence and clinical Course of Short QT Syndrome-type ECG in Apparently Healthy Population in Japan

Takase B, Nagai T, Uehata A, Hamabe A, Matsui T, Ishihara M
Meeting Abstract (06ice143)

The Heart In Accidental Hypothermia –Electrocardiographic, Clinic And Morphopatologic Particularities

Avram R, Sandesc D, Enache A, Ciobanu V, Moga V, Balint M, Parv F, Popa C
Meeting Abstract (06ice144)

New Approach For Analysis Of Electric Or Magnetic Maps

Budnyk M
Meeting Abstract (06ice145)

Variability of vegetative regulation of childhood cardiac rhythm during high altitude adaptation

Makimbetova C
Meeting Abstract (06ice146)

Role of the ECG in managing children with suspected heart disease

Elhewala A, Hamza H
Meeting Abstract (06ice147)

Cardiac resynchronization therapy in heart failure patients with congenital heart diseases - a multicenter, single blind, prospective, and cross-over study

Abdul-Khaliq H
Meeting Abstract (06ice148)

Amiodarone in complex life threatening dysrhythmias in children

Keller J, Roth B, Emmel M, Sreeram N, Brockmeier K
Meeting Abstract (06ice149)

Vital-Sensor Networks Applied to Seamless Monitoring of Patients with Acute Cardiac Risk Constellation in In-patient and Out-patient Settings (SOMATEK)

Hilbel T, Meyer JU, Meyer J, Zugck C, Becker R, Korb H, Doessel O, Khawaja A, Dickhaus H, Maier C, Schmidt F, Weigand C, Heinig A, Katus HA
Meeting Abstract (06ice150)

Diagnostic and genetic aspects of the Brugada and other inherited arrhythmias syndromes

Antzelevitch C, Hiraoka M, Corrado D, Wilde A, Eckardt L