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76. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

04.05. - 08.05.2005, Erfurt

Middle Ear

Meeting Abstract (05hno589)

Virtual endoscopy of the middle ear and comparison with intraoperative clinical findings

Akdemir D, Klingebiel R, Haisch A, Jovanovic S
Meeting Abstract (05hno160)

Malleostapedotomy in patients with otosclerosis

Dalchow C, Werner J
Meeting Abstract (05hno159)

Management of stapedectomy using a CO2 laser - how many days of inpatient stay are necessary

Ebeling O, Frese K, Fötzsch S
Meeting Abstract (05hno602)

Prevelance of human papillomavirus (HPV) in cholesteatomas

Fischer M, Peter F, Melanie T
Meeting Abstract (05hno021)

The reaction of the retroauricular soft tissue after the implantation of a titanium tube for a TACHAS

Hiller U, Wesendahl T
Meeting Abstract (05hno590)

Surgical treatment of acquired atresia of the external auditory canal

Jóri J
Meeting Abstract (05hno359)

One shot stapedotomy with the CO2 laser

Jovanovic S, Schönfeld U, Scherer H
Meeting Abstract (05hno157)

Revision stapedotomy with the CO2 laser

Jovanovic S, Schönfeld U, Scherer H
Meeting Abstract (05hno020)

Revision tympanoplasty: a retrospective study of 250 patients

Lautermann J, Senska G, Lehnerdt G
Meeting Abstract (05hno591)

Deformations of the temporal bone in Apert's syndrome

Lücke D
Meeting Abstract (05hno607)

Improvement of speech perception in patients with BAHA

Mlynski R, Moser L, Schwager K
Meeting Abstract (05hno611)

Long-Term Study of implantable Hearing Aid "Vibrant Soundbridge"

Mojallal H, Rose S, Arnoldner C, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno610)

Osseointegration of titanium implants coated with immobilized recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) in the petrous bone of rabbits

Neumann A, Chatzikolaidou M, Unkel C, Bast S, Jennissen HP, Klaus J
Meeting Abstract (05hno016)

Results after canal wall down tympanomastoidectomy

Wolfram P, Klaus B
Meeting Abstract (05hno171)

Ossicular reconstruction with Bulgarian prosthesis from ceromer

Rouev P, Milkov M, Nedev P, Dimov P, Marev D
Meeting Abstract (05hno603)

Up-regulation of beta-catenin in external auditory canal cholesteatoma

Sauter A, Naim R, Bayerl C, Riedel F, Hoermann K
Meeting Abstract (05hno595)

Establishment of standard values in sonotubometry

Scheffczyk S, Di Martino E, Antweiler C, Martinewski e, Westhofen M
Meeting Abstract (05hno023)

Reconstruction of the outer ear canal or radical cavity?

Schwager K, Baier G, Müller J, Helms J
Meeting Abstract (05hno017)

Posterior canal wall reconstruction with titanium meshs in middle ear surgery

Sudhoff H, Al-Lawati A, Giminez E, Hildmann H
Meeting Abstract (05hno154)

New insight into the Pattiomechanism of Otosclerosis

Sziklai I, Karosi T
Meeting Abstract (05hno593)

Middle ear adenomas: Clinical, morphological and cell biological features

Vogt P, Delventhal S, Karstens JH, Welkoborsky HJ
Meeting Abstract (05hno596)

The patulous Eustachian tube: Long-term results after conservative treatment

Wenzel S, Seedorf H, Kucinski T, Leuwer R
Meeting Abstract (05hno598)

Experimental study of the tensor tympani muscle

Zehlicke T, Sievert U, Punke C, Pau HW
Meeting Abstract (05hno158)

Stapedoplasty with Bulgarian fluoroplastic prosthesis

Zenev I, Kunev K, Dimov P, Rouev P