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41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und Internationale Kindergesundheit

Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und Internationale Kindergesundheit e. V.

12.05. - 14.05.2023, Bonn

Poster03: Prevention and Health Promotion

Meeting Abstract (23gtpP10)

Trends in child immunization coverage data quality reported to WHO and UNICEF over 20 years (2000–2019)

Rau C, Lüdecke D, Dumolard LB, Grevendonk J, Wiernik BM, Kobbe R, Gacic-Dobo M, Danovaro-Holliday MC
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP11)

From hygiene to “show cooking”: a comprehensive project to prevent malnutrition in children under 2 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Chiara E, Bakyono C, Da Col S, Zorome A, Zongo T, Balbone F, Yanogo A, Ouedraogo AA, Schumacher RF
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP12)

Household water treatment and oral rehydration therapy to prevent and treat childhood diarrhea: changes in prevalence and socioeconomic difference in 98 low- and middle-income countries

Stehr L, Geldsetzer P
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP13)

Evaluation of routine child development screening by health workers in two district hospitals in Bhutan: a cross-sectional study

Braun M, Weigel R, Deki S, Ghalley BK, [no last name] T, Appelbaum S, Pem D
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP14)

Healthy children project

Pen Nasser G