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27. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie (GAA)

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

26.11.2020, digital


Meeting Abstract (20gaa01)

From curative to palliative – a medication-centric view on shifting the care regimes of people approaching death

Meyer I, APVEL Konsortium
Meeting Abstract (20gaa02)

Medicines and outpatient care services

Hennen D, Trutwin-Bornhöft S, Schumacher J, Döring I, Schriever F, Puteanus U
Meeting Abstract (20gaa03)

Risk factors for untreated iron deficiency during pregnancy – The LIFE Child study birth cohort

Bremer SUJ, Kiess W, Bertsche A, Bertsche T, Neininger MP
Meeting Abstract (20gaa04)

A mix of healthcare claims analysis and simulation to offer first time estimates of incidence and prevalence of ATTR-CM in Germany

Harms LM, Genet A, Beier D, Häckl D, Leverkus FW
Meeting Abstract (20gaa05)

Safety of contrast enhanced ultrasound in children and adolescents

Seelbach J, Waginger M, Krüger PC, Mentzel HJ
Meeting Abstract (20gaa06)

Developing a list of anticholinergic and sedative drugs for the calculation of the Drug Burden Index in Germany

Bencheva V, Gogolin M, Mann NK, Schmiedl S, Thürmann PA, COFRAIL-Study Group
Meeting Abstract (20gaa07)

Metamizol-induced agranulocytosis in Germany – case-control study based on secondary data of persons insured by compulsory sickness funds

Greiser E, Greiser C