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102. Jahrestagung der DOG

Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft e. V.

23. bis 26.09.2004, Berlin

Vorträge Sonntag, 26.09.2004
Glaukom IV - Chirurgie

Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.01)

Affect of preoperative Latanoprost therapy on the outcome of filtering surgery

Berthold S, Bender R, Pfeiffer N
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.02)

Influence of Latanoprost on the healing process after trabeculectomy

El-Malah M, Sendtner P, Spiegel D, Fassbender B, Sachs H
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.03)

Diode laser cyclophotocoagulation critcally reviewed

Klemm M, Matthiessen ET, Zeitz O
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.04)

Excimer-laser trabeculostomy, a new minimally invasive glaucoma operation

Wilmsmeyer S, Müller H, Feltgen N, Funk J
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.05)

How does viscocanalostomy work?

Ruokonen PC, Robinson E, Sänger A, Tetz MR
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.06)

Antimetabolites and other concepts for wound healing modulation in glaucoma surgery

Grehn F, Schlunck G, Meyer-ter-Vehn T, Karasheva G, Wimmer I
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.07)

OCT documentation of functioning filtering blebs

Müller M, Pape S, Hoerauf H, Geerling G, Winter C, Laqua H
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.08)

Uveoscleral shunt for surgical treatment of refractory glaucoma

Welsandt G, Konen W, Nikkeleit B, Engels BF, Roters S, Krieglstein GK, Mietz H
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.09)

Long-term results with the Ahmed glaucoma valve in complicated glaucomas

Thieme H, Schulze A, Bechrakis NE, Foerster MH
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.10)

Experiences with pars plana Baerveldt glaucoma drainage implants in surgery of complicated angle closure glaucoma

Theelen T, Deutman AF
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.11)

The outcome of phacoemulsification in eyes after filtering glaucoma surgery

Gracner T, Falez M, Gracner B, Pahor D
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.12)

Cataract extraction including posterior chamber lens implantation in eyes with angle closure glaucoma

Bleckmann H, Keuch R
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.13)

Clear-lens-extraction in the case of lens swelling and acute angle-closure glaucoma

Strobel J
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.14)

Erfahrungen mit dem malignen Glaukom

Radó G
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.15)

Long-term results for surgery in childhood glaucoma

Alsheikheh A, Klink J, Steffen H, Grehn F
Meeting Abstract (04dogSO.02.16)

Does surgery influence the quality of life in glaucoma patients?

Schwenn O, Brauer K, Krummenauer F