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102. Jahrestagung der DOG

Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft e. V.

23. bis 26.09.2004, Berlin

Vorträge Donnerstag, 23.09.2004

Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.01)

Intralentar foreign body

Czumbel N
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.02)

Foldable capsular rings

Dick HB, Tehrani M, Pandey S, Werner L
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.03)

Atraumatic technique of Schlemm’s channel opening and removal of juxtacanalicular and corneal trabecular layers during non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS)

Dashevski A, Steinmetz B
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.04)

Refractive surgery

Holzer MP, Reuland AJ, Rabsilber TM, Limberger IJ, Auffarth GU
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.05)

Surgical treatment of post-LASIK Striae

Frisch L, Dick HB
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.06)

Exchange of a toric ICL for a toric, iris-fixated, phakic intraocular lens

Dick HB
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.07)

Miyake/Apple posterior view video analysis of capsular bag changes during sealed capsule irrigation (SCI)

Reuland AJ, Limberger IJ, Leuchtenberger MS, Rabsilber TM, Holzer MP, Auffarth GU
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.08)

Vitreo-retinal surgery for exudative retinal detachment

Reinthal E, Grisanti S, Gelisken F, Besch D, Bartz-Schmidt KU
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.10.09)

Visual acuity measurement in infants by means of the swinging triangle test according to René Spitz

Kandzia C, Reichelt JA, Roider J