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Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (DKOU 2017)

24.10. - 27.10.2017, Berlin

GR12 Joint physiology and biomechanics

Meeting Abstract (GR12-653)

Development and validation of a micro finite element model for the investigation of the pedicle screw-bone interface under different loading conditions

Chevalier Y, Fertmann-Matsuura M, Krüger S, Fleege C, Rauschmann M, Schilling C
Meeting Abstract (GR12-534)

Locked intraosseous nailing in transverse patella fractures – a biomechanical comparison to tension band wiring through cannulated screws

Gueorguiev B, Nienhaus M, Stoffel K, Zderic I, Wahl D, Sommer C, Rommens PM
Meeting Abstract (GR12-721)

Micro finite element analysis of the effect of bone density and anisotropy in periprosthetic bone and cement stresses after anatomical glenoid replacement

Santos I, Müller PE, Pietschmann MF, Chevalier Y
Meeting Abstract (GR12-256)

Effect of capsule repair on rotational and varus stability in PLRI reconstruction

Künzler M, Akeda M, Ihn H, McGarry M, Zumstein M, Lee TQ
Meeting Abstract (GR12-542)

Augmented LISS plating is biomechanically advantageous over conventional LISS plating

Gueorguiev B, Todorov D, Zderic I, Stoffel K, Lenz M, Richards G, Enchev D
Meeting Abstract (GR12-179)

MR-based 3D PAO planning and simulation of hip impingement is as accurate as CT-based 3D models

Lerch T, Degonda C, Zheng G, Todorski I, Schmaranzer F, Ecker T, Siebenrock K, Tannast M
Meeting Abstract (GR12-807)

Transmission ultrasound: a novel technique to quantify post-surgical recovery of the achilles tendon after rupture

Wulf M, Shanker M, Lutz M, Hooper SL, Dlaska CE, Brauner T, Wearing SC, Schütz M