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Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (DKOU 2016)

25.10. - 28.10.2016, Berlin

Wissenschaftliche Themen
IN12 Sports orthopaedics and traumatology

Meeting Abstract (IN12-818)

Femoral condyle configuration influences anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Bischofberger S, Riemer L, Schäferhoff P, Dewitz H, Steimel T, Reineck S, Dargel J
Meeting Abstract (IN12-703)

Biomechanische Analyse von Funktion und Dehnung des anterolateralen Ligamentes

Drews B, Kessler O, Franz W, Freutel M, Dürselen L
Meeting Abstract (IN12-196)

A novel implant-free femoral pull-press-fixation for ACL reconstruction

Kwisda S, Dratzidis A, Omar M
Meeting Abstract (IN12-1354)

Mid-Substance ACL tears – Is there Space for Ligament Preserving Surgery?

Ahmad SS, Krismer A, Kohl S
Meeting Abstract (IN12-252)

Stability of the knee joint after dynamic intraligamentary stabilization

Gueorguiev B, Henle P, Zderic I, Acklin Y, Häberli J
Meeting Abstract (IN12-627)

A Comparison of The Anteromedial and Transtibial Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Expandable Fixation

Ozel O, Yucel B, Orman O, Demircay E, Mutlu S
Meeting Abstract (IN12-840)

Tibia plateau fractures in winter sports. Fracture patterns and CT evaluation – Creation of a frequency map to determine location and degree of damage to the joint surface

Gebel P, Tryzna M, Sramek D, Wildhelm B, Beck T
Meeting Abstract (IN12-1533)

Clinical Results and Concepts of Distal Tibial Oblique Osteotomy Joint preservation surgery for Osteoarthritis & Post-trauma of the Ankle Joint

Takenaka N, Teramoto T, Katoh N, Takaki M, Harada S, Asahara T, Watanabe Y, Matsushita T
Meeting Abstract (IN12-807)

Fracture dislocation of the distal elbow. Is the terrible tetrad a new entity?

Caviglia H, Alvarez R, Blanchetiere H, Cuestas N, Gomez Avellaneda I, Vergara M, del Soldato G, Pemoff A